January 30, 2023


Roberta Cohen

Roberta Cohen is a Co-Chair Emeritus of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. A specialist in human rights, humanitarian and refugee issues, and a leading expert on internally displaced persons and on human rights conditions in the DPRK, her extensive career has spanned NGOs, the State Department, the United Nations and the Brookings Institution.


How the new UN human rights envoy can make a difference for North Koreans

Elizabeth Salmón will need to both engage Pyongyang and hold the regime accountable to succeed in difficult role

Roberta CohenRoberta CohenJuly 14, 2022

Holding to account: UN resolutions on DPRK human rights are not dead letters

While promoting reform is difficult, the UN can pressure North Korea to cooperate by documenting human rights concerns

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Don’t sugarcoat it: Why candor is the best policy with North Korea

Ambassador Thomas Schäfer’s book shows the value of speaking truth to power about the unjust system under Kim Jong Un

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