August 16, 2022


John Everard

John Everard was British Ambassador to North Korea, 2006–2008, following which he served on the UN Panel of Experts on North Korea. He writes and speaks regularly on North Korea issues.


North Korea stands to lose more than it could gain by testing a nuclear weapon

A seventh test risks spoiling ties with benefactor China, but it’s unclear if that’s enough to deter the regime

John EverardJohn EverardJune 15, 2022
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The UN has little appetite for more sanctions, and North Korea knows it

Pyongyang will likely continue missile testing as the US musters only strongly worded statements in response

John EverardJohn EverardFebruary 8, 2022

North Korea faces uncertain future after mass exodus of UN and foreign NGO staff

Last month, the last international NGO worker and last remaining U.N. staff members left North Korea

John EverardJohn EverardApril 12, 2021

Embassies in North Korea are quickly closing down — and that’s a big problem

Temporary withdrawals of Western European diplomats means fewer eyes and ears in Pyongyang for now, and in the future

John EverardJohn EverardAugust 21, 2020

Don’t count out China on N.Korea sanctions

Beijing’s interests may not include supporting Pyongyang indefinitely

John EverardJohn EverardFebruary 10, 2016