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June 17, 2024


Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer is a Seoul Correspondent at NK News. He has worked on investigations for The Guardian and The Observer and previously wrote features on Korea for Dutch newspaper NRC.


Japanese ambassador says North Korea not ready to resolve abductee issue

Tokyo continues to make efforts for bilateral summit, but expert notes challenge of defining what counts as resolution

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Joon Ha ParkApril 9, 2024

Human Rights Council requests update to landmark report on North Korean abuses

Activist says call to update Commission of Inquiry is council’s most ambitious action on DPRK human rights in years

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Joon Ha ParkApril 5, 2024

North Korean insurance firms dodging sanctions with foreign help: UN report

Panel of Experts lists 12 firms alleged to have worked with DPRK companies that divert profits to WMD program

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 4, 2024

ROK intel agency accused of spying on student group to frame as pro-North Korea

NIS denies allegations of unlawful monitoring, citing investigation into suspect linked to DPRK organization

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 1, 2024

In Seoul, high-rises double as army outposts in war against North Korean drones

Anti-aircraft guns on skyscrapers can help counter evolving threats, but risk turning civilian buildings into targets

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMarch 28, 2024

UN investigating claims of rampant North Korean wildlife trafficking in Africa

DPRK officials allegedly smuggled tens of millions in rhino horns and elephant tusks via Mozambique and other countries

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMarch 25, 2024

North Korean man used companies in SE Asia to illicitly import brandy: Report

UN Panel of Experts recommends blacklisting Nam Chol Ung, alleging he owns resorts and restaurants that support regime

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMarch 21, 2024

China spars with UN human rights envoy over forced repatriation of North Koreans

Beijing’s delegate disparages defectors as illegal migrants, rejecting concerns that escapees face torture back in DPRK

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMarch 19, 2024

North Korea renovated major concentration camp during pandemic, imagery shows

Expert says Kwalliso No. 25 was likely preparing for rise in prisoners due to harsh new laws and border reopening

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Jacob BogleMarch 1, 2024

Seoul denying requests to contact North Korea about aid shipments, NGOs say

Humanitarian groups stress need to coordinate with partners, but Seoul worries DPRK will ‘exploit’ inter-Korean exchange

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMarch 1, 2024
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