August 17, 2022


Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer is a Seoul Correspondent at NK News. He has worked on investigations for The Guardian and The Observer and previously wrote features on Korea for Dutch newspaper NRC.


NGOs urge boycott as North Korea set to chair UN forum on nuclear disarmament

DPRK’s four-week stint as rotating chair comes amid reports that it could soon conduct underground nuclear test

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 30, 2022
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‘They don’t care for us’: North Korean defector teachers fight for higher wages

Instructors say low pay is driving away those who can help children of defectors navigate South Korean school system

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 26, 2022

Experts cast doubt on Pyongyang’s self-declared victory over COVID

Case and death numbers likely well below true total as country promotes alternative treatments over vaccines

Ethan JewellEthan Jewell | Ifang BremerMay 24, 2022

North Korea silent after South explains offer of COVID aid via hotline: MOU

Unification ministry says it detailed plans to provide vaccines and other aid after trying to send letter last week

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Jeongmin KimMay 23, 2022

North Korea high on agenda as Biden arrives in South Korea for summit with Yoon

US president’s three-day visit follows assessments that DPRK could greet him with long-range missile or nuclear test

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 20, 2022

UN human rights agency calls on North Korea to open borders to COVID-19 aid

Lack of national vaccination program could have ‘devastating impact’ on the DPRK’s human rights situation, OHCHR says

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 19, 2022

No vaccinations in North Korea raises risk of rapid COVID-19 spread: WHO

World Health Organization says it has yet to receive any official word from Pyongyang after first known COVID outbreak

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 17, 2022

UN agency granted sanctions exemption to help improve ‘food security’ in DPRK

Food and Agriculture Organization gets green light to send support for farming sector amid reports of drought

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 16, 2022

Over 1 million North Koreans mobilized to fight COVID-19 as outbreak continues

'Fever' cases in the hundreds of thousands as Kim Jong Un attends funeral for Pyongyang elite Yang Hyong Sop

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 15, 2022

North Korea reports 21 more deaths due to ‘fever’ amid nationwide COVID outbreak

State media says over half a million people affected by fever symptoms since April as DPRK battles COVID-19 outbreak

Ifang BremerIfang BremerMay 14, 2022
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