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Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer is a Seoul Correspondent at NK News. He has worked on investigations for The Guardian and The Observer and previously wrote features on Korea for Dutch newspaper NRC.


North Korea to bolster ‘cooperation’ with Russian army, defense chief says

Two sides continue high-level meetings but yet to comment on possible weapons exchange

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 17, 2023

Russian defense chief shows North Korean leader hypersonic ‘dagger’ missile

Sergei Shoigu guides Kim Jong Un through litany of strategic and other assets as possible transaction looms

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 16, 2023

Athletes depart North Korea to compete in 2023 Asian Games in China

State media reports group left capital for multi-sport tournament this month as country continues to normalize travel

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 16, 2023

Kim Jong Un says Russian aircraft can ‘overwhelm’ external threats: State media

DPRK leader praises Russian air capacity during tour of mass production center as he continues tour of Far East

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 16, 2023

US sanctions Russian tied to Wagner Group for assisting North Korean arms sales

Designation targeting Kremlin’s war effort in Ukraine comes as Kim Jong Un visits Russia to discuss military cooperation

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 15, 2023

How Russian help could enable North Korea’s space program to finally lift off

Experts say Putin-Kim summit at spaceport shows Russia could provide technical support and even launch DPRK satellites

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 13, 2023

UN working to confirm forced repatriations of North Koreans, special envoy says

Elizabeth Salmon raises concern about some 1,500 DPRK nationals imprisoned in China as North Korea opens borders

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 12, 2023

Could dryland farming be the answer to North Korea’s persistent food woes?

UN report suggests DPRK adopt the practice but experts say other, more pressing, issues need to be addressed

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 11, 2023

Seoul seeks probe of NGOs for sending school supplies and plants to North Korea

Unification ministry claims nonprofits sent aid without permission, as government cracks down on unauthorized exchanges

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 5, 2023

ROK lawmaker under fire for joining event held by pro-North Korea group in Japan

Unification ministry says it may fine Youn Mee-hyang for attending Chongryon event to commemorate Kanto Massacre

Ifang BremerIfang BremerSeptember 4, 2023
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