April 13, 2024


Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer

Ifang Bremer is a Seoul Correspondent at NK News. He has worked on investigations for The Guardian and The Observer and previously wrote features on Korea for Dutch newspaper NRC.


New imported goods on sale at Pyongyang shop after earlier shortages: Sources

Prices of foreign products vary widely, from $17 for 100 grams of coffee to $1.50 for a canned drink

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 18, 2022

Eleven North Korean defectors reach South in first quarter of 2022: Seoul

Pandemic border controls continue to limit numbers, as expert says North Koreans’ lives becoming more difficult

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 15, 2022

Yoon Suk-yeol says overfocus on North Korea undercut Seoul’s global diplomacy

South Korean president-elect reaffirms intention to boost ties with Washington and Tokyo in interview with US newspaper

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 15, 2022

South Korean group receives exemption to ship briquette machines to North Korea

UN gives NGO one year to deliver coal briquette equipment to prevent water and food-borne disease in border area

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 14, 2022

Hostility toward North Korean defectors on rise in South Korea: Survey

One in four reports enmity toward defectors, which experts say reflects growing prejudice toward minorities globally

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 13, 2022

A North Korean defector blends his past and present, one painting at a time

Artist Jeon Ju Yeong tells NK News he hopes his artwork will build bridge of understanding with South Koreans

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 11, 2022

North Korea’s space capabilities still lag behind its ambitions: Report

Think tank finds DPRK’s missile activity has not led to major space advances, though expert warns it could in future

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 9, 2022

North Korea votes against expelling Russia from UN Human Rights Council

DPRK ambassador impugns claims of war crimes in Ukraine, says kicking Russia off council ‘reckless’

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 8, 2022

Report on North Korea killing Christians galvanizes EU to condemn rights abuses

While religious persecution in DPRK is well-established, experts say the claims of mass executions stretch credulity

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 7, 2022

Russian provincial official says North Korean workers needed amid labor shortage

Expert says Moscow might allow DPRK workers despite sanctions if it thinks it cannot salvage reputation after Ukraine

Ifang BremerIfang BremerApril 5, 2022