August 13, 2020


Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is an Associate Fellow at RUSI working on Project SANDSTONE and formerly a journalist and researcher who has focused uniquely on North Korea related topics and affairs. He was previously the COO of the Korea Risk Group, which produces the NK News and NK Pro. Specialising in this area, his investigations covered topics including North Korean sanctions evasion activities, domestic economic development and human rights.


Kim Jong Un public appearances in 2017 lowest since assuming power: data

Despite alleged assassination attempt, decline in appearances may be due to solidification of power

Hamish Macdonald July 11, 2017

Company with possible links to sanctioned entity at North Korean trade fair

Exhibiting company possibly an alias of named weapons trafficker Green Pine

Hamish Macdonald June 9, 2017

North Korea’s April 15 military parade: the view from above

Satellite imagery reveals logistical challenges of huge military and civilian presence at parade

Hamish Macdonald April 25, 2017

China continues importing sanctioned North Korean commodities in 2017

Zinc, copper and silver imports down on December statistics, while iron imports increase

Hamish Macdonald March 10, 2017

Air Koryo jet conducts in-country flight following two month absence

Flight path similar to previously test flight following mid-air incident aboard P-632 plane

Hamish Macdonald January 12, 2017

North Korea’s flood recovery: Tracking construction and rehousing

Construction in key regions largely complete in November as in-country organizations assess housing

Hamish Macdonald December 21, 2016

Relief efforts: How North Korea is rebuilding after flooding

Signs of large scale construction projects and development present as temperatures plunge

Hamish Macdonald October 26, 2016

North Korea using sanctioned ships for flood relief, data indicates

DPRK media claims the ships are owned by Ministry of Land and Marine Transport

Hamish Macdonald| Leo Byrne October 17, 2016

Air Koryo: Implicated but not yet designated

Concerns over commercial and evidentiary issues likely preventing designations

Hamish Macdonald September 16, 2016

Air Koryo Kuwait flight conducts irregular transit stop in China

Irregular transit stop in Urumqi preferred over Islamabad, possible link to aviation notice issued on August 30

Hamish Macdonald August 31, 2016