September 23, 2020


Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is an Associate Fellow at RUSI working on Project SANDSTONE and formerly a journalist and researcher who has focused uniquely on North Korea related topics and affairs. He was previously the COO of the Korea Risk Group, which produces the NK News and NK Pro. Specialising in this area, his investigations covered topics including North Korean sanctions evasion activities, domestic economic development and human rights.


Rapid progress made on construction site near Ryomyong Street

Despite apparent slowdowns in other projects in Pyongyang, construction at large-scale site is progressing

Hamish Macdonald February 22, 2018

North Korea’s illicit activities in Africa remain pervasive, UN report shows

PoE report details ongoing evasion, as well as some implementation achievements

Hamish Macdonald February 7, 2018

Construction ongoing at Nampo oil terminal despite oil measures

Satellite imagery shows vessels docked at the new pier in October and November

Hamish Macdonald| Leo Byrne November 10, 2017

Foreign companies and joint ventures continue to appear at Pyongyang trade fair

Over 20 joint ventures, cooperative entities appear at PITF following UNSC sanctions

Hamish Macdonald November 3, 2017

Sanctioned and illicit entities present at Autumn trade fair in Pyongyang: photos

KIEC hosted events continue to provide platform for illicit entities

Hamish Macdonald October 31, 2017

Construction ongoing near Ryomyong Street, images show

Despite much-lauded completion of the project, building activity near Kim Il Sung University continues

Hamish Macdonald October 6, 2017

North Korea advertises new “joint” bank at Pyongyang Trade Fair

Financial institution could be in breach of UN sanctions, shares addresses with known illicit entities

Hamish Macdonald October 4, 2017

In pictures: Foreign entities and luxury goods at the Rason International Trade Fair 2017

Luxury goods appear on sale at the Rason trade fair, despite sanctions

Hamish Macdonald August 30, 2017

In pictures: Seafood and consumer goods at the Rason International Trade Fair 2017

In the aftermath of UN sanctions, domestic companies promote fishery industry

Hamish Macdonald August 25, 2017

North Korea continuing to breach UN sanctions in Warsaw: investigation

Polish companies involved in rental agreements, evidence of links to embassy officials

Hamish Macdonald July 14, 2017