September 23, 2020


Edward Howell

Edward Howell is an ESRC Scholar in International Relations at the University of Oxford and a contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit.


Why Kim Yo Jong isn’t shutting the door to diplomacy with the U.S. just yet

North Korea may be calling another summit "useless," but it's still open to talks that meet Pyongyang's demands

Edward Howell July 13, 2020

North Korean think tank statement shows focus on U.S. ‘hostile policy’ prevails

Even in a post-COVID world, one thing seems certain: for Pyongyang, the U.S. ‘hostile policy’ will remain

Edward Howell June 28, 2020

DPRK-U.S. dialogue: where things stand

North Korea's self-perception as nuclear power looms over peace process

Edward Howell August 17, 2018

Inter-Korean economic cooperation: more myth than reality?

Any future projects will likely need to be tied to concrete action towards denuclearization

Edward Howell July 3, 2018

Mr. Moon goes to Washington: why the South Korean President held talks with Trump

As relations with North Korea soured, the ROK leader sought to rebuild bridges

Edward Howell May 24, 2018