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June 18, 2024


Edward Howell

Edward Howell

Edward Howell is a lecturer in politics at the University of Oxford, and a contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit. His research focuses on U.S.-DPRK and inter-Korean relations, North Korea’s nuclear politics and the international relations of East Asia.


Echoes of war: North Korea’s artillery display stirs memories of 2010 shelling

DPRK’s aggressive start to 2024 portends more provocations, and this time Pyongyang’s goal likely isn’t negotiations

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Why North Korea is a useful lever in Xi Jinping’s campaign against the West

His envisioned rise of ‘responsible great power’ China relies on the status quo of a divided world

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North Korea and Russia’s hot-and-cold relationship rapidly heats up

Reported arms deal between the two less about solidarity and more about Kim Jong Un’s needs for hard cash

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As NATO eyes Asia, where does the China-North Korea relationship stand?

Fractures remain, but longtime allies likely to grow closer as security alliance seeks to expand presence beyond Europe

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South Korea’s next president faces formidable inertia on North Korea

Domestic and international factors will make it difficult for either Lee or Yoon to make progress on their DPRK policies

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Small state, grand strategy: North Korea’s policy plans for 2022 and beyond

Despite an inward focus for this year, Pyongyang still eyes the big-picture goal of recognition as a nuclear state

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Juche H-bomb: North Korea’s efforts to tie self-reliance to its nuclear weapons

As popular belief wavers, the regime seeks to sustain domestic acquiescence in the Juche ideology

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Why Moon’s economic outreach to North Korea didn’t and won’t work

While sanctions are the elephant in the room, Pyongyang is at least as much to blame

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No matter what Biden does, North Korea will still accuse him of ‘hostile policy’

The more the US stresses denuclearization in any form, the more the DPRK will use this term to get what it wants

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Why Kim Yo Jong isn’t shutting the door to diplomacy with the U.S. just yet

North Korea may be calling another summit "useless," but it's still open to talks that meet Pyongyang's demands

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