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Arius Derr

Arius Derr

Arius Derr is Editor at NK News and NK Pro, based in Canberra. He was also Managing Editor from 2021 to 2022 and Deputy Managing Editor from 2022 to 2023. Prior to that he was an editor at East Asia Forum and KBS, South Korea’s public broadcaster. His graduate research focuses on U.S. nuclear policy and U.S.-DPRK relations. Follow him on Twitter @AriusDerr.


New Chinese ambassador becomes first to enter North Korea in nearly 3 years

Beijing’s foreign ministry says Wang Yajun arrived in DPRK on Monday, though implications for COVID controls unclear

Arius DerrArius DerrMarch 28, 2023

Kim Jong Un has ‘no intention’ of abandoning his nukes: US intelligence report

New threat assessment concludes North Korea seeks to weaken US-ROK alliance and could conduct nuclear test any time

Arius DerrArius DerrMarch 9, 2023

North Korea continues ‘troubling’ nuclear activity at key facilities: IAEA

UN nuclear chief says Punggye-ri site still ready for underground test and that DPRK is operating main nuclear reactor

Arius DerrArius DerrMarch 7, 2023

New US cyber strategy warns North Korea hackers are becoming more aggressive

Expert says report forthright about DPRK cryptocurrency theft but vague about countermeasures

Arius DerrArius DerrMarch 3, 2023

China’s reaction to a seventh North Korean nuke test won’t be like the first six

Beijing may still oppose DPRK nuclear weapons, but intensifying competition with US has altered its strategic calculus

Arius DerrArius DerrOctober 27, 2022

North Korea flies 12 fighter jets and bombers in apparent firing drills: Seoul

South Korea mobilizes some 30 aircraft after DPRK warplanes breach ‘special reconnaissance line’ during firing drill

Arius DerrArius Derr | Jeongmin KimOctober 6, 2022

North Korea has reached out to EU to arrange meeting next month: Sources

Talks would be first between DPRK and EU’s diplomatic service since the start of the COVID pandemic

Arius DerrArius Derr | Yeji ChungSeptember 30, 2022

North Korea slams US over Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, pledges support for Beijing

DPRK foreign ministry says Washington ‘ruining’ regional security after top lawmaker lands in Taipei

Arius DerrArius DerrAugust 3, 2022

US, South Korea fire 8 missiles following North Korean SRBM test

ROK military says test shows ability to strike the ‘origin of provocation’ following DPRK test of 8 ballistic missiles

Arius DerrArius Derr | Chaewon ChungJune 6, 2022

Kim Jong Un celebrates successful military parade with dozens of group photos

State media praises ‘modernity’ of North Korea’s armed forces as well as state TV’s ‘highest level’ parade coverage

Arius DerrArius DerrApril 29, 2022