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Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna is a Senior Editor with the Sino-NK research group. He's lived in South Korea since 2014.


After Moon’s trip to Moscow, could a trilateral summit be in the works?

Pyongyang's openness to DPRK-Russia-ROK cooperation could speak to its broader intentions

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJuly 2, 2018

Lavrov visits North Korea: what we learned

Ahead of the June 12 summit, the Kremlin has shown that it still enjoys influence

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMay 31, 2018

Where Russia stands after the inter-Korean summit

Largely excluded from diplomacy, Moscow is far more interested in future economic cooperation

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMay 3, 2018

Minister Ri goes to Moscow: Pyongyang’s diplomatic offensive continues

Pyongyang is working hard to make sure its foreign policy remains as flexible as possible

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaApril 10, 2018

After his Beijing summit, could Kim Jong Un meet with Vladimir Putin?

The timing is ripe for a Moscow-Pyongyang summit

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaApril 2, 2018

What role can Russia play in inter-Korean rapprochement?

Getting the North and the South to the negotiation table plays well into Moscow's interests

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMarch 18, 2018

Why Moscow and Seoul increasingly agree on North Korea

While the U.S. condemns Russia as a key lifeline for Pyongyang, Seoul is making friends

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMarch 8, 2018

What will happen to North Korean laborers in Russia?

On a two year deadline, some provinces have sought to protect longstanding economic interests

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaFebruary 15, 2018

Why Russia wasn’t invited to the Vancouver conference on North Korea

A high-level meeting excluding Beijing and Moscow ignores the Kremlin's growing clout over the DPRK

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJanuary 16, 2018

Missed opportunity? The Putin-Trump summit that wasn’t

Hype about a meeting between the two leaders highlights their continued differences on North Korea

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaNovember 13, 2017
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