April 05, 2020

Category: Analysis

Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

December: Military drills, political anniversaries; reviewing elite changes in 2014

Month of December, year of 2014 follow patterns of Kim consolidating power since becoming leader in 2011

John G. Grisafi January 12, 2015

N. Korea makes more military leadership changes

Two officers assume new senior leadership roles, new air force commander elevated in rank

John G. Grisafi January 9, 2015

North Korea imports more jet fuel, gasoline and diesel in 2014

Chinese oil product exports to North Korea increase over 2013 figures, could indicate refinery problems

NK News January 8, 2015

Three-year anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death important milestone

Traditional mourning period handled differently by Kim Jong Un, but still meaningful for succession

John G. Grisafi December 17, 2014

November: Military and diplomatic focus, status of Kim’s family

North continues diplomatic campaign while preparing for military drills; Kim’s sister rises while wife absent

John G. Grisafi December 8, 2014

N. Korean upgraded tanks still in use in Syrian Civil War

Influence, legacy of DPRK weapons industry extends beyond original Syrian government clients

Joost Oliemans| Stijn Mitzer December 1, 2014

October: State media treats all as normal as Kim Jong Un ends absence

Pyongyang reinforces image of Kim still fully in power, with his status unquestioned

John G. Grisafi November 10, 2014

Murky Waters: North Korea’s ships in South Korean seas

How DPRK vessels use different flags to circumvent the May 4 sanctions

NK News November 6, 2014

Sanctioned North Korean shipping company still operating

Analysis of tracking data shows that OMM's Chinese operations remain unaffected

Leo Byrne September 12, 2014

September: Kim Jong Un a virtual no-show

Kim’s absence, continuing position changes lead to uncertainty and speculation about the regime

John G. Grisafi September 6, 2014