August 13, 2020

‘A gift and a curse’: What South Korea’s $253 billion defense plan really means

The new, high-budget plan for 2021 - 2025 puts a big focus on interceptors meant to thwart North Korean missiles

Chun In-bum August 12, 2020



Transcript: South Korea’s MOU addresses balloon and leaflet launch controversy

Full remarks from an Aug. 11 Ministry of Unification press tour reveal the government's logic behind recent crackdowns


Why heavy rain and border water pose a chronic political risk for South Korea

North Korean dams have the power to release rainwater during monsoons, which can cause significant hurt to the South


North Korea expanding military training complex ahead of major parade

Satellite imagery shows large-scale construction on new buildings ahead of the WPK's 75th anniversary parade


What US-North Korea policy will look like if Joe Biden gets elected president

A Biden White House would likely do a "factory reset" back to the Obama-era approach for dealing with Pyongyang



[Editorial] The OPCON transfer may be difficult but is absolutely necessary

US Apache helicopters at the Camp Humphreys garrison in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province. (Yonhap News) South ...

Aug 12, 2020

Pop-up volunteers: Who sent you?

By Casey Lartigue, Jr.So you want to volunteer! But no one is answering your ...

Aug 12, 2020

No glory, only scars

By Kwack Eun-kyoungDiplomatic tension between Korea and Japan is once again escalating. On Aug. 4, a ...

Aug 12, 2020

Military buildup plan

Five-year program aimed at boosting preparednessThe Ministry of National Defense has come up with an ...

Aug 12, 2020

A government illusion

Han Hee-chulThe author, a professor at Korea University College of Medicine, is the president of ...

Aug 12, 2020