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Justin Yeo

Justin Yeo

Justin Hyun-jun Yeo is a research assistant to Professor Andrei Lankov at Kookmin University in Seoul. His areas of expertise include ROK domestic politics and Korea-Japan relations, as well as international relations in East Asia.


The days of ROK politicians visiting North Korea may be a thing of the past

Trips to DPRK have long been way to win approval, but Lee Jae-myung’s legal troubles suggest costs now outweigh risks

Justin YeoJustin YeoSeptember 28, 2023

Camp David media coverage reveals deeply fractured ROK opinions on North Korea

Left's pillorying of new security commitments a reminder that not all in South Korea see the DPRK as an imminent threat

Justin YeoJustin YeoAugust 25, 2023

Why even hawkish Yoon administration won’t ignore a North Korean peace offensive

Pyongyang can manipulate pro-engagement, anti-Japan factions with a simple olive branch to Seoul — even if it’s all talk

Andrei LankovAndrei Lankov | Justin YeoApril 10, 2023

Why young Japanese see North Korea as the biggest threat to their country

Tokyo defense planners are more focused on China, but new generation is more concerned about missiles and kidnappings

Justin YeoJustin YeoMarch 7, 2023

Japan wants stronger defenses against North Korea, but will citizens pay for it?

Despite wide support for new security plans, public resistance to new taxes threatens to leave them dead in the water

Justin YeoJustin YeoJanuary 23, 2023

Why South Korea’s left is sounding alarm about a Japan-North Korea summit

Some pundits see devious designs in Kishida’s recent offer of talks, revealing beliefs that shape ROK political debate

Justin YeoJustin YeoOctober 20, 2022

Evaluating the troubled legacy of Japan’s first summit with North Korea

Tokyo secured historic if fleeting breakthrough in Pyongyang 20 years ago, only for it to be derailed by public opinion

Justin YeoJustin YeoSeptember 21, 2022

Yoon wants to get tough on North Korea but lacks options to be true hardliner

Inter-Korean economic exchanges ended years ago, leaving few ways to apply pressure beyond more hawkish rhetoric

Justin YeoJustin YeoAugust 10, 2022

Why Kishida is unlikely to improve Japan’s ties with the two Koreas

New Japanese prime minister unlikely to break through Tokyo's disillusionment with Seoul and disinterest in Pyongyang

Justin YeoJustin YeoOctober 31, 2021

South Korea’s left and right praised ROK-US summit, but for different reasons

Progressives find support for North Korean engagement, while conservatives welcome strengthening of alliance

Justin YeoJustin YeoJune 16, 2021