July 04, 2022


Hyun-jun Yeo

Hyunjun Yeo is a research assistant to Professor Andrei Lankov at Kookmin University in Seoul.


Yoon spurns balancing between US and China with foreign policy picks

Many appointees to key posts specialize in US relations as new president seeks closer alignment with Washington

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoJune 22, 2022

An age of economic technocrats arrives in South Korea

Yoon Suk-yeol has picked experienced officials for top posts, boding well for policy but raising risk of groupthink

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoJune 16, 2022

Why Kishida is unlikely to improve Japan’s ties with the two Koreas

New Japanese prime minister unlikely to break through Tokyo's disillusionment with Seoul and disinterest in Pyongyang

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoOctober 31, 2021

South Korea’s left and right praised ROK-US summit, but for different reasons

Progressives find support for North Korean engagement, while conservatives welcome strengthening of alliance

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoJune 16, 2021

Seoul needs to budge on big issues if it wants Tokyo’s help on North Korea

South Korea wants to mend ties with Japan to please the U.S., but appears inflexible on controversial historical issues

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoMarch 22, 2021

Moon wants to meet Kim at the Tokyo Olympics, but the feeling may not be mutual

Kim, Suga and Biden just aren't as desperate as Moon for another round of his inter-Korean political theater

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoDecember 3, 2020

Why Japan’s new prime minister won’t last — especially on North Korea issues

Yoshihide Suga may have big dreams for Japan-DPRK relations, but he won’t be able to pull them off all by himself

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoSeptember 17, 2020

Moon Jae-in reshuffles his North Korea team: the key players

A former student firebrand, a spymaster, and a skilled political operator are set to take the top inter-Korean jobs

Hyun-jun YeoHyun-jun YeoJuly 7, 2020