July 31, 2021


Sarah A. Son

Sarah A. Son

Dr. Sarah Son is a lecturer (assistant professor) in Korean studies at the University of Sheffield. She completed her Ph.D. on identity and inter-Korean relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London in 2014, before spending five years working in South Korea in the nonprofit sector on North Korean human rights issues.


North Korea human rights activists in South Korea struggle under Moon Jae-in

The government’s pro-engagement policy has increased pressure on South Korean NGOs, as financial challenges linger

Author Image Sarah A. Son July 7, 2021

Experience abroad a double-edged sword for N. Korean diplomats

View from Seoul: What South Koreans are reading in local media about North Korea

Author Image Sarah A. Son October 24, 2013

S. Korean gvt. calls for greater control of N. Korean diaspora

South Korean media monitoring: Focus North Korea

Author Image Sarah A. Son October 11, 2013

Poking fun at tricky issues

When does it become acceptable to make comedy out of sensitive social topics?

Author Image Sarah A. Son May 29, 2013

Experts gather for “Engage Korea” conference in Oxford

'We wanted to create a forum for experts in the field to present interdisciplinary analysis of how to engage North Korea.'

Author Image Sarah A. Son May 14, 2013

Why S.Koreans Aren’t Angry About N. Korean Human Rights Abuses

Ex-concentration camp prisoner Shin Dong-Hyuk says South Korea should be put on trial next to North Korean regime for turning a blind eye

Author Image Sarah A. Son May 8, 2013

Smart Phone App & Mass Marriage Ceremony for N. Korean Defectors

But reports say the Hanawon resettlement centers are emptying

Author Image Sarah A. Son April 23, 2013

Welcome to South Korea’s Ministry of Dreams

The South Korean Ministry of Unification faces a growing battle in times of trouble to “sell” unification to a disillusioned public

Author Image Sarah A. Son April 9, 2013

Why Korea Needs The BBC World Service

A BBC Korean service would be an important step forward for the UK's involvement in Korean peninsula affairs

Author Image Sarah A. Son March 27, 2013
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Perfect Match? North Korean Wives for South Korean men

Is marriage of North Korean women to South Korean men a win-win solution for all?

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