June 03, 2023


Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi

Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi is a Project Assistant Professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo and also an Adjunct Fellow at the Pacific Forum. Ryo specializes in issues relating to defense, security, and transport governance in the Indo-Pacific, and is the author of the book "Defense Planning and Readiness of North Korea: Armed to Rule" (2021). Ryo can be followed on Twitter @tigerrhy.


By linking radars, ROK and Japan reduce blind spots around North Korean missiles

Shortcomings in missile tracking have led to mistakes in past, but success will depend on sustained cooperation with US

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiMay 23, 2023

How GSOMIA can springboard better deterrence efforts against North Korea

Normalizing intel sharing pact important step for Seoul and Tokyo but must be a starting point for future cooperation

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiApril 5, 2023

North Korean missile volley shows a new level of command and control complexity

But questionable planning and resource allocation may hamstring wartime operations for North Korean ballistic missiles

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiNovember 3, 2022

Seoul will need more than impressive weapons to deter North Korean threats

ROK military showed off range of assets over the weekend but faces evolving DPRK capabilities and internal challenges

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiOctober 5, 2022

North Korean missile threats drive Japan’s defense budget to record high

Tokyo embracing new measures to reconfigure national security strategies while boosting Self-Defense Force capabilities

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiSeptember 14, 2022

How boost-phase missile defenses could help combat North Korean threats

Technology will be essential for future defenses against DPRK weapons, but significant technical hurdles remain

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiAugust 8, 2022

Japan faces hurdles in acquiring counterstrike options against DPRK attacks

New capability might allow Tokyo to play a bigger role in alliance with US, but efficacy beyond that is less certain

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiApril 14, 2022

More of the same? Japan’s North Korea strategy under the next prime minister

Suga’s successor will continue Tokyo’s sharp defense posture, but variations in sequencing and priorities may emerge

Ryo Hinata-YamaguchiRyo Hinata-YamaguchiSeptember 7, 2021