April 13, 2024


Kosuke Takahashi

Kosuke Takahashi

Kosuke Takahashi is a Tokyo-based journalist. His work has appeared in the Asahi Shimbun, Bloomberg, Asia Times, Jane's Defence Weekly and The Diplomat, among other publications. You can follow him on Twitter.


North Korea abruptly cancels World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang, days before game

DPRK nixed scheduled match despite sending team to Tokyo for first leg, reportedly fearing disease outbreak in Japan

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiMarch 22, 2024

North Korea rejects six media requests to cover World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang

NK News among outlets denied entry for match against Japan, which expert attributes to hardline DPRK policy toward ROK

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiMarch 19, 2024

Japan OKs record $56B defense budget, looking to counter North Korean missiles

Draft budget allocates funds for missile defense ships, counterstrike capabilities and hypersonic missile interceptors

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiDecember 22, 2023

Japan seeks funds for new missile defense ships to counter North Korean threats

Tokyo’s defense ministry requests largest budget ever, eyeing counterstrike capabilities and hypersonic missile defenses

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiAugust 31, 2023

North Korean missiles pose greater threat to Japan than ever, Tokyo says

New defense white paper reiterates need for ‘counterstrike’ capabilities in case DPRK carries out nuclear attacks

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiJuly 28, 2023

Pro-North Korea media outlet in Japan offers rare look at its Pyongyang bureau

Chongryon’s newspaper boasts of special access and details coverage of major events, underscoring close ties to regime

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiMarch 24, 2023

Japan says it won’t rule out sending aid to North Korea if it returns abductees

Experts say Pyongyang unlikely to agree to such terms due to fundamental disagreements on issue

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiMarch 1, 2023

Antonio Inoki, the man who brought pro wrestling to North Korea, dies at 79

Japanese parliamentarian and renowned martial artist visited Pyongyang over 30 times in efforts to push sports diplomacy

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiOctober 3, 2022

Japanese donations likely funded Unification Church projects in North Korea

Former Tokyo intelligence officer tells NK News the church built Pyeonghwa Motors factory in Nampho with Japanese money

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiAugust 16, 2022

North Korea able to hit Japan with nuclear weapons, white paper warns

Tokyo defense ministry’s annual report lists DPRK as key threat, mentions counterstrike capabilities for first time

Kosuke TakahashiKosuke TakahashiJuly 25, 2022
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