April 24, 2024


Kangkyu Lee

Kangkyu Lee

Kangkyu Lee is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Tech. Previously he was the Korea Foundation Resident Research Fellow at Pacific Forum, where he researched the impact of artificial intelligence on international relations and cybersecurity.


Facing the new normal: Why the US needs strategic clarity on North Korea

Washington’s anemic security plans and policy reviews have only emboldened Pyongyang’s nuclear saber-rattling

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Why the US should treat North Korean cyberattacks as seriously as missile tests

Washington has failed to revamp its strategy in response to DPRK cyber operations, imperiling denuclearization efforts

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North Korea is stronger and more resilient than US policymakers think

The Biden administration must consider whether the status quo is really unsustainable for Pyongyang

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North Korean AI tech is improving and the potential for weapons is ‘monstrous’

Artificial intelligence has the potential to augment North Korea’s cyber and even nuclear weapons capabilities

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