September 28, 2022


Jumin Lee

Jumin Lee is a Korean trial attorney and former Air Force officer based in Los Angeles. His bilingual thoughts about Korea and other things can be followed at @oldtype.


South Korea’s lack of minority protections jeopardizes its global reputation

Older men who dominate politics ignore equality and representation, even as Yoon tries to raise Korea’s global profile

Jumin LeeJumin LeeAugust 10, 2022

Local election defeat a reckoning for South Korean liberals on gender issues

Democratic Party has clung to outmoded politics while failing to take stand on social issues, driving away young women

Jumin LeeJumin LeeJune 2, 2022

Moving South Korea’s presidential office is a step in the wrong direction

Yoon Suk-yeol’s hasty Blue House move does not suggest baseline competence to affect fundamental change in the country

Jumin LeeJumin LeeMay 9, 2022
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Biden can save lives by focusing on everything but North Korea’s nukes

Stopping more conventional weaponry probably won't win leaders a Nobel Peace Prize, but it would improve security

Jumin LeeJumin LeeMay 4, 2021

South Korea’s right-wing resurgence spells uncertainty for North Korea policy

After summits and promises of peace, the South Korean president’s party suffered a crushing defeat at the by-elections

Jumin LeeJumin LeeApril 9, 2021

South Korea’s silence on North Korean missile testing is disservice to nation

Seoul shouldn't be breathing a sigh of relief when American policymakers don’t respond to short-range tests

Jumin LeeJumin LeeMarch 30, 2021

Moon’s desperate North Korea outreach is costing him credibility in Washington

Moon must prove that he’s a rational actor — not an ideologue hell-bent on inter-Korean dialogue

Jumin LeeJumin LeeMarch 23, 2021

It’s not just leaflets. Seoul’s new law is a historic assault on free speech.

The new "anti-leaflet" law insults the constitution and will have a chilling effect on North Korea-related activism

Jumin LeeJumin LeeDecember 14, 2020

How Moon Jae-in’s shortlist of successors might shape future North Korea policy

Lee Jae-myung's North-South reconciliation policy would likely be far more aggressive than Lee Nak-yeon's

Jumin LeeJumin LeeJuly 29, 2020
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Death of the dream? Dark clouds loom over Moon’s hopes for North-South relations

Sacrificing democratic values to salvage relations with the North threatens to sour the President’s legacy

Jumin LeeJumin LeeJune 15, 2020