June 17, 2021


Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim is a correspondent at NK News, based in Seoul. She previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and in the Seoul bureau of Reuters news agency. Follow her on Twitter @jeongminnkim


‘The ball is in North Korea’s court,’ says Blinken after Biden-Moon summit

Washington says sanctions will remain alongside diplomatic outreach to DPRK

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 24, 2021

North Korea says it’s COVID-free after pulling out of Olympics and World Cup 

Latest self-reported data continues DPRK claims of zero positive tests in the country

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 24, 2021

Making it stick: Why Moon’s push to ratify Panmunjom Declaration may still fail

South Korea's president hopes parliamentary control will help cement his legacy, but Kim Jong Un may not care either way

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 21, 2021

Moon Jae-in hoping to ratify 2018 agreement with Kim Jong Un in parliament

“Institutionalizing peace” is an urgent task for the Moon administration, says Unification Minister Lee In-young

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 20, 2021

Top White House official says Singapore statement here to stay

Kurt Campbell describes Biden administration’s North Korea policy ahead of summit 

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 19, 2021

South Korean President to visit US for five days, talk North Korea with Biden

North Korea and other security issues likely main agenda items during summit with U.S. President Joe Biden

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 18, 2021

North Korea withdraws from World Cup, but may still attend Beijing Olympics

North Korea likely abandoned soccer tournament due to high COVID-19 risk and low political incentive, experts say

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 17, 2021

Peace with North Korea trumps free speech: potential ROK presidential candidate

Lee Jae-myung doubles down on support for DPRK engagement as poll pegs him a popular choice for president

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 14, 2021

US spy chief unlikely in contact with North Korea during DMZ visit: Experts

Purpose of unannounced visit by U.S. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines not yet clear

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 13, 2021

Activist files criminal complaint against Moon for ‘siding with’ North Korea

Defector-activist Park Sang-hak accuses Moon Jae-in of “abusing authority” and “aiding” Pyongyang

Author Image Jeongmin Kim May 13, 2021
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