November 30, 2023


Daniel Pinkston

Daniel Pinkston

Dr. Daniel A. Pinkston is a lecturer in international relations with Troy University. Previously he was the Northeast Asia Deputy Project Director for the International Crisis Group in Seoul, and the director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. 


What North Korea has learned from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Moscow’s failings will be clear to Pyongyang, though it may not recognize allied strength or its own military weaknesses

Daniel PinkstonDaniel PinkstonMarch 7, 2023

North Korea’s deeply flawed intel ops on the war in Ukraine

Pyongyang is keen to learn from the conflict, but ideological biases mean it’s likely to draw the wrong conclusions

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How US-ROK response missile launches bolster deterrence against North Korea

Exercises fit into broader efforts to restore joint drills and push forward transfer of wartime control to Seoul

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North Korea’s Central Military Commission: Kim Jong Un promotes a new generation

Recent promotions hint at preparations for long-range artillery rocket and ballistic missile deployment

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Leadership, guns, and money in North Korea: what happens if Kim Jong Un goes

Despite claims to the contrary, the country has a formal process in place if the leader is no longer around

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Why declaring an end to the Korean War is more complicated than you might think

Five conflicts continue on the peninsula - sustainable peace will require an end to them all

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Why U.S. military action against North Korea is not imminent

Despite the rhetoric, a pre-emptive strike on Pyongyang remains unlikely anytime soon

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Why Beijing opposes THAAD deployment in South Korea

China's opposition to the missile defense system is a cynical ploy for the domination of East Asia

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No easy answers: Preparing for a nuclear Son’gun Korea

The DPRK's military first principle makes compromise a bitter pill to swallow

Daniel PinkstonDaniel PinkstonSeptember 19, 2016

Why it makes sense to deploy THAAD in South Korea

While there are several arguments against the deployment, many of them are inconsistent

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