October 24, 2020


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.


Singaporean investor behind new Pyongyang department store revealed

Firm within walking distance of two known North Korean entities in Singapore

Chad O'Carroll August 8, 2016

Radar-capable traffic cams installed throughout Pyongyang, pictures show

Camera network could have surveillance role, too, observers say

Chad O'Carroll August 5, 2016

N.Korean construction workers complete framework of 70-floor skyscraper

Carcass built in less than three months, state media says, with recent photos corroborating progress

Chad O'Carroll August 3, 2016

Temporary shelter for ‘thousands’ of N. Koreans springs up in Pyongyang

24-hour shifts, propaganda bands and scores of temporary shelters

Chad O'Carroll July 12, 2016

Singapore-linked building nears completion in North Korean capital

Building rumored to be site of new department store

Chad O'Carroll July 7, 2016

Reforms under way making business in N.Korea easier: Lawyer

Experienced attorney says country undoubtedly changing, but remains far from open system

Chad O'Carroll| Oliver Hotham February 23, 2016

N.Korea cyber attacks mistakenly down independent, gvt’ sites

Attempt to attack DPRK web presence led to outages on independent blogs, South Korean gvt sites

Chad O'Carroll February 17, 2016

Analysis: International service unlikely to N. Korea’s new Wonsan Int’l Airport

Lack of aircraft capacity and commercial refueling capabilities pose major hurdles to service

Chad O'Carroll October 1, 2015

Chinese-state affiliated company announces major N. Korea investment plan

Investment could play major role in modernizing DPRK infrastructure, if it materializes

Chad O'Carroll August 11, 2015

Satellite imagery shows 20-plus floor building at site of Pyongyang collapse

Imagery from May 2015 back to October 2014 reveals progress at site

Chad O'Carroll July 16, 2015