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Ángel García

Ángel García

Ángel García is a Spanish photojournalist focused in social and documentary photography with studies in journalism and experience in the image sector. His photos have been featured in The Guardian, Der Spiegel and various Spanish media outlets. His interest in North Korea started with a photographic project he made during a visit to the country in 2018. Since then, he has been interested in the photographic representation of the country and the imaging tech behind North Korean state media. Follow his Instagram to see his work @zurditoangel


Less is more? How North Korea’s evolving photo tactics reflect regime priorities

NK Pro analysis shows state media is publishing fewer and fewer images, even as its photographers use better cameras

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaMay 2, 2023

What North Korean media accidentally revealed about Pyongyang’s secret lockdown

State media did not report on recent emergency measures in capital, but photos help confirm what went unacknowledged

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaFebruary 28, 2023

Kim Jong Un’s elite photographers spare no expense to get the best shot

Leader’s news team uses expensive and potentially sanctioned hardware, while taking pains to conceal digital footprints

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaFebruary 8, 2023

Inside the shadowy team of elite North Korean photographers covering Kim Jong Un

NK Pro analysis suggests the Political News Team enjoys unmatched access to the leadership going back decades

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaJanuary 25, 2023

The camera can lie: How North Korean state media fakes photographs

DPRK propagandists routinely edit and stage photos to doctor reality, often requiring a keen eye to reveal the truth

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaDecember 22, 2022

What metadata reveals about North Korea’s latest long-range missile test

Time and location data attached to photos of the launch offer new insight into DPRK propaganda and military operations

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaNovember 23, 2022

Why Nikon was North Korea’s favorite camera in 2021

State media metadata reveals the serious hardware that DPRK photographers use to create regime propaganda

Ángel GarcíaÁngel GarcíaFebruary 17, 2022