March 01, 2021

Tag: WMD

Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs

N. Korea’s test will be condemned, further action limited

Possible new UN resolutions and reprimands from allies will likely follow fourth test

Adam Stulberg January 6, 2016

Experts doubt N.Korea has H-bomb despite Kim statement

Translation of N. Korean state media failed to deliver clear meaning, raising confusion

JH Ahn December 10, 2015

Analysis: Redesigned KN-08 missile unveiled in military parade

New features including reduced length, new nosecone/shroud, similarities to Russian Volna

John G. Grisafi October 15, 2015

First North Korean SLBM presents wholly novel threat

First submerged test of SLBM reveals sophisticated capabilities, advances in layered nuclear deterrence

DPRK, Iran strong partners in missile tech – Middle East experts

Tehran and Pyongyang collaborated, built better missile programs, present similar threats

John G. Grisafi January 19, 2015

Analysis: N. Korean Scud missile launch

Pyongyang attempts to improve capability of older missiles by increasing accuracy

John G. Grisafi July 7, 2014
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