The following is a listing of state leadership and cabinet members elected or appointed on the first day of the First Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA).

It also includes a listing of state and cabinet leadership prior to this election.

Created: 4/12/2019
Source: Ministry of Unification, Rodong Sinmun
1. State Affairs Commission (SAC)
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
ChairmanKim Jong UnKim Jong Un
First vice-chairmanChoe Ryong Hae
Vice chairmanPak Pong JuPak Pong Ju
Vice chairmanChoe Ryong Hae
MemberRi Su YongRi Su Yong
MemberKim Yong CholKim Yong Chol
MemberThae Jong SuThae Jong Su
MemberRi Yong HoRi Yong Ho
MemberJong Kyong ThaekJong Kyong Thaek
MemberChoe Pu IlChoe Pu Il
MemberPak Kwang HoKim Jae Ryong
MemberKim Jong GakRi Man Gon
MemberPak Yong SikKim Su Gil
MemberNo Kwang Chol
MemberChoe Son Hui
2. Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA)
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
ChairmanChoe Thae BokPak Thae Song
Vice-chairpersonAn Tong ChunPak Chol Min
Vice-chairpersonRi Hye JongPak Kum Hui
2.1 Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA)
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
PresidentKim Yong NamChoe Ryong Hae
Vice presidentKim Yong DaeKim Yong Dae
Vice presidentYang Hyong SopThae Hyong Chol
Honorary Vice-PresidentKim Yong Ju
Choe Yong Rim
Secretary-GeneralJong Yong GukJong Yong Guk
MemberKim Yong CholKim Yong Chol
MemberJu Yong GilJu Yong Gil
MemberKim Chang YopKim Chang Yop
MemberJang Chun SilJang Chun Sil
MemberKang Myong CholKang Myong Chol
MemberKang Su RinKang Su Rin
MemberPak Myong CholPak Myong Chol
MemberKim Su GilKim Nung O
MemberPark Chol MinKang Ji Yong
MemberJon Kyong NamRi Myong Chol
MemberRi Chol
2.2 Foreign Affairs Committee
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
ChairmanRi Su YongRi Su Yong
MemberRo Ryong NamRo Ryong Nam
MemberRi Son GwonRi Son Gwon
MemberKim Jong SukKim Jong Suk
MemberKim Tong SonKim Tong Son
MemberKim Kye GwanChoe Son Hui
MemberJong Yong WonKim Song Il
2.3 Budget Committee
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
ChairmanO Su YongO Su Yong
MemberHong So HonHong So Hon
MemberPak Hyong RyolPak Hyong Ryol
MemberPak Yong HoRi Hi Yong
MemberKye Yong SamKim Kwang Uk
MemberKim Hui SukChoe Yong Il
MemberChoe Yong IlRi Kum Ok
2.4 Legislation Committee
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
ChairmanChoe Pu IlChoe Pu Il
MemberKim Myong GilKim Myong Gil
MemberKang Yun SokKang Yun Sok
MemberThae Hyong CholPak Jong Nam
MemberCha Hui RimKim Yong Bae
MemberPak Myong GukJong Kyong Il
MemberRyang Jong HunHo Kwang Il
3. Cabinet
13th SPA1st Session of the 14th SPA
PremierPak Pong JuKim Jae Ryong
Vice premier, Chairman of the State Planning CommissionRo Tu CholRo Tu Chol
Vice premierIm Chol UngIm Chol Ung
Vice premierKim Tok HunKim Tok Hun
Vice premierRi Ju ORi Ju O
Vice premierRi Ryong NamRi Ryong Nam
Vice premierJon Kwang HoJon Kwang Ho
Vice premierTong Jong HoTong Jong Ho
Vice premier, Minister of AgricultureKo In HoKo In Ho
Minister of Foreign AffairsRi Yong HoRi Yong Ho
Minister of Electric Power IndustryKim Man SuKim Man Su
Minister of Coal IndustryMun Myong HakMun Myong Hak
Minister of Metallurgical IndustryKim Chung GolKim Chung Gol
Minister of Chemical IndustryJang Kil RyongJang Kil Ryong
Minister of RailwaysJang HyokJang Hyok
Minister of Land and Maritime TransportKang Jong GwanKang Jong Gwan
Minister of Mining IndustryRyom Chol SuRyom Chol Su
Minister of National Natural Resources DevelopmentRi Chun SamKim Chol Su
Minister of Oil IndustryKo Kil SonKo Kil Son
Minister of ForestryHan Ryong GukHan Ryong Guk
Minister of Machine-building IndustryRi Jong GukYang Sung Ho
(New) Minister of ShipbuildingKang Chol Gu
Minister of Nuclear Power IndustryWang Chang UkWang Chang Uk
Minister of Electronics IndustryKim Jae SongKim Jae Song
Minister of Posts and TelecommunicationsKim Kwang CholKim Kwang Chol
Minister of Construction and Building-Materials IndustryPak HunPak Hun
Minister of State Construction ControlKwon Song HoKwon Song Ho
Minister of Light IndustryChoe Il RyongChoe Il Ryong
minister of Local IndustryJo Yong CholJo Yong Chol
Minister of Consumer Goods IndustryRi Kang SonRi Kang Son
Minister of FisheriesSong Chun SopSong Chun Sop
Minister of FInanceKi Kwang HoKi Kwang Ho
Minister of LabourYun Kang HoYun Kang Ho
Minister of External Economic RelationsKim Yong JaeKim Yong Jae
Chairman of State Commission of Science and TechnologyRi Chung GilRi Chung Gil
President of the State Academy of SciencesJang CholJang Chol
Minister of Land and Environment ProtectionKim Kyong JunKim Kyong Jun
(New) Director of the Supervisory Bureau of Forestry Policy of the State Affairs CommissionKim Kyong Jun
Minister of Urban ManagementKang Yong SuKang Yong Su
Minister of Food Procurement and AdministrationMun Ung JoMun Ung Jo
Minister of CommerceKim Kyong NamKim Kyong Nam
Chairman of the Education CommissionKim Sung DuKim Sung Du
Minister of General EducationKim Sung Du
President of Kim Il Sung University, Chairman of the Party Guidance Committee, Minister of Higher EducationThae Hyong Chol*Choe Sang Gon
Minister of Public HealthO Chun Bok
Minister of CulturePak Chun NamPak Chun Nam
Minister of Physical Culture and SportsKim Il GukKim Il Guk
President of the Central BankKim Chon GyunKim Chon Gyun
Director of the Central Bureau of StatisticsChoe Sung HoChoe Sung Ho
Director of Cabinet SecretariatKim Yong HoKim Yong Ho
4. Central Public Prosecutors Office
DirectorKim Myong GilKim Myong Gil
5. Central Court
PresidentKang Yun SokKang Yun Sok
* Note: Thae Hyong Chol served as president of Kim Il Sung University and minister of Higher Education

Featured image: Rodong Sinmun