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Subin Kim

Subin Kim

Subin Kim is an NK News contributor based in Seoul, South Korea. He translated Lankov's The Real North Korea into Korean and is a reserve air defense artillery lieutenant in the Republic of Korea Air Force.


Doing business with North Korea: Patience pays off

Regime makes changes to upgrade its technology, but still hampered by inefficiency, cronyism

Subin KimSubin KimApril 12, 2016

Kim Jong Un might have canceled Russia visit over failed missile purchase: Report

Rejected proposal to buy S-300 anti-air missile system might be impetus for change of plans

Subin KimSubin KimMay 4, 2015

Pyongyang shows flexibility over Kaesong pay raise issue: businessman

Businessmen offer expediency to Pyongyang, Seoul undecided to how to react

Subin KimSubin KimApril 20, 2015

N. Korea cracks down on counterfeit products in market: Report

Report says authorities are levying taxes on wholesalers, expert argues otherwise

Subin KimSubin KimApril 17, 2015

Kaesong entrepreneurs face overdue wages for N. Korean workers

Kaesong companies distrust ROK government since 2013 dispute: Businessman

Subin KimSubin KimApril 16, 2015

China invites Kim Jong Un to its own Victory Day

China tries to freshen up relations with North Korea, expert says

Subin KimSubin KimApril 15, 2015

2015 Park’s last chance for inter-Korean breakthrough: Expert

Seoul seeks economic revitalization in Pyongyang, North wishes to resolve military matters

Subin KimSubin KimApril 14, 2015

Choe Ryong Hae loses KJU’s faith but retains importance: Expert

Frequent reshuffling shows that KJU holds firm grip on power, ROK expert says

Subin KimSubin KimApril 14, 2015

S. Korean president won’t visit Russia for Victory Day

Special envoy who supports 'unofficial' inter-Korean talks to visit Moscow

Subin KimSubin KimApril 13, 2015

N. Korean can miniaturize nuclear warhead relatively quickly: researcher

North might seek to develop boosted nuke, step forward to H-bomb, in next test

Subin KimSubin KimApril 10, 2015
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