November 21, 2019


NK News

NK News is a North Korea specialist news and information resource head-quartered in Delaware, U.S.A.


Timeline: from high hopes for Stockholm to a new round of missile testing

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from September 24 - November 1

NK News November 1, 2019

More metered taxis take to the streets in N. Korean border city

Air Koryo vehicles also spotted in Sinuiju, photos show

NK News June 15, 2017

New border fence under construction on Wihwa Island near Sinuiju

Barrier along Yalu River erected along site of SEZ opposite Dandong

NK News August 29, 2016

The changing face of propaganda in Sinuiju

His grandfather and father remain omnipotent, but Kim Jong Un now features in many slogans

NK News August 23, 2016

Signs of economic bustle in N.Korea, but will it last?

Field notes from inside the country reveal successes, but also stresses and stalemates

NK News May 23, 2016

North Korea demands return of ship impounded in Mexico

Mu Du Bong vessel, sanctioned by UN, U.S. Treasury, has been in Mexican port since last July

NK News April 9, 2015

Consumer goods among top North Korean imports

Electronics including TVs, cell phones and laptops big imports from China in 2014

NK News February 23, 2015

N. Korean oil tankers around Russia go quiet in early 2015

Chinese tankers seem more active over the last four weeks

NK News February 16, 2015

Russia interested in developing N. Korean roads, water, electricity

North Korea will exchange resources for 20 years of Russian infrastructure improvements

NK News February 12, 2015

Wired up: North Korea looks to Russia for electricity

Russia and the DPRK could cooperate on electricity, though South Korean input looks unlikely

NK News February 2, 2015