September 27, 2022


Ethan Jewell

Ethan Jewell is a Seoul-based correspondent for NK News focused on sanctions, trade and maritime issues. He previously worked as an investigations and intelligence specialist for Pinkerton Comprehensive Risk Management and as a research intern for the Brookings Institution’s Center for East Asia Policy Studies. Follow Ethan on Twitter @EthanJewell


Sailing in the dark: North Korean ship reappears after vanishing for 5 years

Dae Bong 1’s disappearance from tracking system suggests it sailed under false identity for years, expert says

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 18, 2022

North Korea says Kyiv has no right to oppose its recognition of breakaway states

Statement comes two days after Pyongyang recognized self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk republics in eastern Ukraine

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 15, 2022

New North Korean hacking group extorting small businesses in ransomware attacks

Microsoft says H0lyGh0st hackers deploying increasingly sophisticated ransomware but have been unsuccessful so far

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 15, 2022

North Korea recognizes breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine

Expert says move seeks to improve ties with Russia, as Kyiv swiftly severs diplomatic ties with Pyongyang

Ethan JewellEthan Jewell | Ifang BremerJuly 14, 2022

North Korean jet takes trip to nowhere in first DPRK flight broadcast in a year

Aviation expert says Air Koryo plane’s loop over east coast could be test flight following significant repairs

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 14, 2022

North Korea ramps up fuel trade in second quarter from pandemic lows: Imagery

Activity at coal terminals suggests sanctions violations, with oil imports from China likely increasing from last year

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 12, 2022

Ex-marine who raided North Korean Embassy asks US court to stop his extradition

Christopher Ahn’s attorneys say government treating him as ‘sacrificial lamb’ for US foreign policy

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 11, 2022

North Korea likely acquired ship that sailed from Busan to Nampho: Investigation

Expert says vessel’s new flag and owner suggest DPRK leveraged companies and foreign nationals to evade sanctions


North Korean hackers hold medical systems hostage in ransomware attacks, US says

Advisory states DPRK actors likely assume health sector willing to pay ransoms but does not reveal extent of damages

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 7, 2022

US-ROK forces practice seizing ships in sign of tougher stance on North Korea

Expert says drills suggest efforts to stop sanctions evasion, but commandeering vessels is risky and potentially illegal

Ethan JewellEthan JewellJuly 6, 2022
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