April 24, 2024


Eric Foley

Eric Foley

Pastor Eric Foley is CEO of the Voice of the Martyrs Korea, an NGO which regularly sends bibles by balloon to the North.


The problem with State Department reports on religious freedom in North Korea

Narrow research obscures fact that more citizens are exposed to religion, feeding into pessimism about the situation

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Yoon should not impede interaction between ordinary North and South Koreans

Non-state actors in both countries have right to meet and communicate, including in person, by balloon or other means

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Why this NGO will continue sending balloons and bibles into North Korea

The business of peace is far too important to be left to politicians, writes Pastor Eric Foley

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Balloons for peace: why sending media into North Korea by air must continue

Our launches have yet to start a war or derail a single step towards peace

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