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Bertil Lintner

Bertil Lintner

Bertil Lintner (born 1953) is a Swedish journalist, author and strategic consultant who has been writing about Asia for nearly four decades. He was formerly the Burma correspondent of the now defunct Far Eastern Economic Review and currently works as a correspondent for Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet and Politiken of Denmark.


Front companies, false flags hide North Korea-Burma ties

No longer a junta, Burmese military retains grand ambitions

Bertil LintnerBertil LintnerSeptember 25, 2015

Burmese-North Korean ties have a long history

Despite Rangoon bombing, mutual needs have linked pariah states

Bertil LintnerBertil LintnerSeptember 24, 2013

Is the Burma-North Korea relationship a thing of the past?

Evidence of continued relations persists despite U.S. push for ties with Naypyidaw

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