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Tatiana Gabroussenko

Tatiana Gabroussenko

Tatiana Gabroussenko obtained her PhD in East Asian Studies at the Australian National University. She is currently a professor of North Korean studies at Korea University, Seoul. Her latest book, "Soldiers on the Cultural Front: Developments in the Early History of North Korean Literature and Literary Policy," was included in the Choice magazine list of Outstanding Academic Titles of 2012.


North Korean cinematography’s successful debut

Oddly, a competently made 1949 film preceeded decades of North Korean cinematic schlock

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoDecember 16, 2015

North Koreans in the city: clash of work ethics

Why North Korean tardiness is not the same thing as laziness

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoAugust 15, 2014

The misfortunes of North Korean virtue

How Northern popular culture inculcates selflessness, humility and other traits that serve defectors poorly

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJune 24, 2014

Misinterpreting North Korea’s gestures of passion

Grand spontaneous displays show sincerity, not fanaticism, in the North's culture

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoMarch 13, 2014

In search of miracles and substitutes: North Korea’s potato revolution

"The potato is good for people’s health" – Comrade Kim Jong Il

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoFebruary 13, 2014

In search for miracles and substitutes: reform in the DPRK

Masik Pass, the latest in a long line of quick fix solutions.

Tatiana GabroussenkoTatiana GabroussenkoJanuary 27, 2014
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