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Oliver Jia

Oliver Jia

Oliver Jia is a Kyoto-based graduate student currently pursuing his PhD in international relations at Ritsumeikan University and a regular contributor to NK News. He previously worked as Social Media Editor for Korea Risk Group. His research focuses on Japan-DPRK relations and comparative foreign policy. Follow him on Twitter.


Holiday gift guide: 2023’s best books on North Korea for all kinds of readers

New works offer fresh insight into the DPRK, from a deep dive into the military to a memoir of growing up in Pyongyang

Oliver JiaOliver JiaDecember 14, 2023

Stranger than fiction: When North Korea kidnapped movie stars for Kim Jong Il

Abduction of famed South Korean director and starlet ex-wife is testament to how far regime will go to get what it wants

Oliver JiaOliver JiaSeptember 25, 2023

Under pressure: Why Japan is pushing for a North Korea summit with new urgency

Fumio Kishida says time ticking to resolve abductee issue, but domestic political concerns may also be playing a role

Oliver JiaOliver JiaJuly 7, 2023

A Georgia town lays a Korean War veteran to rest, over 70 years after his death

Luther Story received Medal of Honor for fighting against North Korea, but US only recently identified his remains

Oliver JiaOliver JiaJune 5, 2023

Ally to enemy: A Venezuelan poet’s brutal 7-year ordeal in North Korean prison

Even leftist bona fides did not save Ali Lameda when he angered regime, in case demonstrating its cruelty and paranoia

Oliver JiaOliver JiaMay 2, 2023

The despot and The Worm: Remembering Dennis Rodman’s strange North Korea odyssey

Ten years on, the eccentric NBA star’s friendship with Kim Jong Un stands as one of stranger chapters in DPRK history

Oliver JiaOliver JiaFebruary 27, 2023

Shinzo Abe’s posthumous memoir sheds light on North Korea diplomacy and Trump

Former Japanese prime minister explains why Trump sought summit with DPRK, criticizes ‘criminal’ Moon Jae-in and more

Oliver JiaOliver JiaFebruary 22, 2023

Book review: The Korean War and the birth of modern American espionage

‘Agents of Subversion’ reveals how the conflict provided a shot in the arm for a fledgling agency called the CIA

Oliver JiaOliver JiaFebruary 3, 2023

Kenneth Rowe, North Korean pilot who defected in Soviet plane, dies at 90

Rowe fooled the DPRK air force into thinking he was loyal to Kim Il Sung, all while he was planning his great escape

Oliver JiaOliver JiaJanuary 9, 2023

The best North Korea books of 2022: A gift guide for the holiday season

Thrilling accounts of anti-regime activism and DPRK cybercrime join deep dives into history among the year’s top titles

Oliver JiaOliver JiaDecember 13, 2022
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