May 17, 2022


Harry Clynch

Harry Clynch is a journalist based in London. He has a broad interest in international affairs and the international markets, with a particular focus on East Asia. Follow him on Twitter @clynchharry.


How North Korea’s rock-bottom credit rating hampers major development plans

North Korea must take reforms more seriously to capitalize on high financial literacy in the country, experts say

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchFebruary 22, 2022
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‘No indication’ North Korea will denuclearize, says former UK envoy to Pyongyang

Alastair Morgan says signs point to DPRK continuing nuclear and long-range weapons development during pandemic

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchJanuary 13, 2022

How COVID-19 is giving a boost to North Korea’s central bank

Border controls have dampened demand for forex, increasing the won’s value and giving the bank greater leverage

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchDecember 17, 2021
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Interview: Why COVID-19 shut the door on Kim Jong Un’s Singapore vision

John Everard, former UK ambassador to North Korea, says Pyongyang faces ‘crisis of identity' not seen since 1990s

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchNovember 16, 2021