October 03, 2022


Aidan Foster-Carter

Aidan Foster-Carter is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology and Modern Korea at Leeds University in England. Educated at Eton and Oxford, he taught sociology at the Universities of Hull, Dar es Salaam and Leeds from 1971 to 1997. Having followed Korean affairs since 1968, since 1997 he has been a full-time analyst and consultant on Korea: writing, lecturing and broadcasting for academic, business and policy audiences in the UK and worldwide.


By backing Russia in Donbas, Kim Jong Un trades self-reliance for puppetry

Recognizing pseudo-states marks radical shift for North Korea, but cuddling up to Moscow could make peninsula safer

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterAugust 18, 2022

Op-ed: Latest raids on South Korean ministries more persecution than prosecution

ROK prosecutors are targeting former government for personnel changes even as Yoon does same, corroding good governance

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterJuly 29, 2022

Moon Jae-in sent two accused murderers back to North Korea. So what?

Photos show one of the men resisted his repatriation, but the real story is Yoon Suk-yeol targeting his predecessor

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterJuly 14, 2022
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Denuclearizing North Korea has failed. But we shouldn’t give up on arms control.

Reassessing four decades of efforts to curb Pyongyang’s WMD program shows the need for new goals going forward

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterJune 21, 2022

Sleep easy, Seoul. The North Koreans aren’t taking over the peninsula.

We should take the DPRK seriously. But Kim Jong Un is not about to invade the South — much less infiltrate or conquer it

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterSeptember 22, 2021

In diplomacy with North Korea, Moon Jae-in dances alone

A Japanese diplomat’s vulgar metaphor pinpoints an awkward truth: South Korean diplomacy is painfully one-sided

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterJuly 28, 2021

Unhappy anniversary: Recalling the June 2000 inter-Korean summit

21 years ago, the two Koreas made history — or so it seemed. What went wrong?

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterJune 15, 2021

Time is on their side: Thinking long-term about North Korea

How can Kim Jong Un trust Seoul to keep its promises when the president resets every five years?

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterJune 1, 2021

Is South Korea finally losing its patience with the North?

South Korean foreign minister Chung Eui-yong had some harsh words for North Korea recently

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterApril 28, 2021

North Korea’s increasing reliance on China is a dangerous move for Kim Jong Un

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il skilfully balanced themselves between rival powers, but Kim Jong Un now leans on just one

Aidan Foster-CarterAidan Foster-CarterMarch 1, 2021
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