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    About NK Pro

    NK News is an independent, privately owned specialist site focused on North Korea. NK News has no affiliation to any political organization or country.

    The site aims to be a one-stop-shop on North Korea, bringing together news, opinion & analysis, research tools, data, and subject specialists in one convenient place.

    The service was established in April 2010 and is head quartered in Wilmington, Delaware, with staff also based in Seoul, New York, London, and Tokyo.


    In addition to our team of experts who closely follow all developments in North Korea, ranging from the political and military to social and culture, we have a trusted network of anonymous sources both inside and outside the state who help us shape our analysis.

    This helps us give you a perspective that is different to regular news wires where journalists are often shipped in and shipped out to give fast-turnaround reporting on breaking events without specialist long term knowledge of the country.


    NK News aims to be the most nuanced and reliable source of news, information and data on North Korea in the world. Funded principally through user subscriptions, NK News has no agenda to fulfill beyond being an honest broker of timely and reliable information for its readers.

    As a leader in the provision of wide-ranging North Korea focused data and information, NK News is subscribed by users in areas including government, media, academia, military, not-for-profit, and business.


    NK News is a provider of primary and secondary data on North Korea that is unavailable anywhere else and research tools specifically tailored for users within government and academia.

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    We are a vibrant and popular platform for intellectual exchange on an isolated state, traditionally covered in mainstream media from a perspective that demonstrates little knowledge of the language, culture, and complicated history of the Korean peninsula.

    Opinion writers include thought leaders including B.R. Myers, Moon Chung-in, Jim Hoare, and Aidan-Foster Carter


    Every day, NK News gets you behind the headlines with analysis and opinion from some of the world’s leading experts on North Korea, with names including: Dr. Andrei Lankov, Moon Chung-in, Aidan Foster-Carter, Tatiana Gabroussenko, Curtis Melvin and Jim Hoare.

    Specialist journalists at NK News provide 24 hour news coverage on North Korea from locations around the world: Kosuke Takahashi (Tokyo), Subin Kim (Seoul), Chad O’Carroll (London), Rob York (Honolulu), Justin Rohlrich (New York City.

    And a wide-range of voices share their views and experiences about North Korea on a weekly basis, including refugee writers Mina Yoon and Ji Min Kang (Ask a North Korean) and Monique Macias (who was raised in Pyongyang between the 1980s and 1990s)


    In addition to our experts, NK News is staffed by a core team that includes:

    • Gianluca Spezza – Academic / Research Director

      Gianluca focuses his research on education & development in the DPRK. He holds a Master in Humanities from the University of Torino, Italy, and a M.Soc.Sc. in Asian Studies from the University of Turku, Finland. He worked in East Asia (including South Korea) as an education consultant for over five years.

    • Rob York – Chief Editor

      Rob York is the chief NK News editor. He has over four years experience in copy-editing at The Korea Herald.

    • Chad O’Carroll – Contributor

      Chad founded the website in 2010 and has four years experience in senior communications roles for leading think tanks in Washington, DC.

    • Justin Rohrlich – Features Editor

      Justin Rohrlich is the NK News features editor and is an Emmy Award winning journalist. He is based in New York City.

    • Ashley Cho – NK Voices Editor

      Ashley Cho is the translation director of the Ask a North Korean column

    • NK News is also joined by a team of hard-working contributors and interns in Seoul, Washington and London


    North and South Korea use different ways to romanize Korean language names. Although it is common practice for many news outlets to use the South Korean system, NK NEWS uses North Korean convention for North Korean names, and South Korean convention for South Korean names, in accordance with what we assume each individual’s personal preference is most likely to dictate.

    In North Korea, Kim Il Sung is written as three separate names. ‘Kim’ is the last name, ‘Il Sung’ is the first name. Each part of the name is capitalized.

    In South Korea, a hyphen is used between the two first names: Kim Il-sung.

    Kim Jong Un would therefore not be written as Kim Jong Eun, Kim Jong-eun or Kim Jong-un. Similarly, ‘Lee Myung Bak’ would be incorrect, whereas ‘Lee Myung-bak’ is fine.

    Some names, such as Syngman Rhee, are already well-established anomalies to the rule, and are thus left untouched.