December 05, 2023


Timothy S. Rich

Timothy S. Rich

Timothy S. Rich is a professor of political science and the director of the International Public Opinion Lab (IPOL) at Western Kentucky University. His main research focuses on the electoral politics and public opinion in East Asian democracies.


Why it matters if South Koreans personally know a North Korean defector

Few in ROK have met escapee, but personal contact influences views on defector support, inter-Korean issues and more

Timothy S. RichTimothy S. RichNovember 28, 2023

South Korean support for unification with North Korea is likely just lip service

New poll suggests many have not considered ramifications of official policy and may prefer alternatives if given choice

Timothy S. RichTimothy S. RichNovember 13, 2023

Majority of South Koreans prefer status quo with North Korea, survey shows

Poll from US-based research group also suggests growing awareness of the enormous costs associated with unification


Why it matters that South Koreans don’t think about North Korea very much

New poll shows few voters care about DPRK, meaning policy changes unlikely to win or lose support for incoming president

Timothy S. RichTimothy S. RichApril 1, 2022