Inside North Korea: New Year & Xmas Celebrations

January 13th, 2011

The following materials come from the Russian language blog, “Show and Tell Pyongyang”.  Language has been translated by Google Translate and tidied up as best possible by NK News.

“Show and Tell Pyongyang” can be found here.

With the end of 2010 came 2011.  In the chronology of the Korean Peninsula, 2011 marks

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Chad O'Carroll

Chad O'Carroll founded NK News in 2010. He is based in Washington, D.C.

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  • Francisco

    Annyeong-haseyo! Well, I congratulate the author of this blog for the effort to give a general glimpse of the holidays in North Korea. I appreciate your dedication and I hope you can upload more pictures about daily lives in DPRK. Thank you.

  • Admin

    Please thank the blogger at “Show and Tell Pyongyang”.

    We only provided the translation!

    His site is a great resource.

  • Barry Nolan

    Excellent translation. At this moment I cannot access the blogger’s website (web restrictions) thus it was great to get to see photos. I plan on a visit in a year or two. I fancy seeing what it is like.

  • Lourdes Sadanaga

    Excellent photos. I visited North Korea in Sept. 2010.

  • Jaya

    Really good photos. Haven’t been able to visit North Korea though I’d love to as part of a delegation. So these photos were quite informative. Many thanks.