The weird, weird world of North Korean elections

Elections used to keep tabs on whereabouts of citizens
March 3rd, 2014

If you’re a North Korean citizen trying to make an (underground) living in China, there’s one event that will certainly bring you back home: election day in the DRPK, when many flood back into the country to have their votes counted whenever they are called.

Why? According to defector Mina Yoon, who left North Korea

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Oliver Hotham

Oliver Hotham is an NK News contributor based in London. He has previously worked at the Sunday Times and

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  • floridawasp

    North Korea would be an fascinating place to visit. Almost like an alien world to most of us westerners.

    • Zubieta

      The myth says that you are not free to roam around but that you are on a forced guided tour, through the most beautiful places, which some say, are full of ‘actors’, with everything staged, people walking in the streets, businesses, kids playing, etc.

  • NT

    I did. It was. You should go.

  • Mark Buttweiler