North Korea Celebrates Kim Jong Il’s Glorious Parka

December 5th, 2012

With the one year anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death fast approaching, official celebrations of his life are underway – and even the fashion accessories that defined him are getting reverential treatment.

[youtube id=”u0x6wVkDGi0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

An article (and video above) released by the Voice of Korea, one of North Korea’s official propaganda outlets, says that Kim’s parka “shows what an arduous road of patriotic devotion he covered to defend the socialist fatherland.”

Seen in propaganda photos whenever the temperature got a bit chillier, Kim began wearing the parka shortly after the demise of his father, Kim Il Sung.

While to outsiders it may seem like just a white coat, it was in fact a “symbol of Songun revolution” showing Kim’s “resolute determination to win the final victory …under the red flag of revolution associated with the life of President Kim Il Sung.”

But not only was this parka symbolic of the Songun revolution, according to Voice of Korea it may have also been the best parka of all time. The article claims that Kim wore the parka through “fierce snowstorms” and “raging waves” while on inspection tours, till eventually it became “threadbare.” (This last claim does not exactly hold up upon examining photos of Kim wearing the parka)

In honor of Kim’s glorious parka, NK News has assembled just a few of our favorite photos below via Kim Jong Il Looking at Things: