Jindallae: Kim Jong Il’s Palestinian Foster Daughter

Did you know that Kim Jong Il had a Palestinian foster daughter, aka the 'Flower of North Korea'?
December 3rd, 2012


Pyongyang is my native place and I spent my childhood there. And it is my second fatherland. Kim Jong Il is my father because he gave me life and love. I express my deepest grief over the demise of my dearest father. Some days ago, I visited Pyongyang, my native place, with a dream to meet you, my dearest father, after 20 years since I left there

The words of Kim Jong Il’s self-styled “daughter”; Jindallae is her name and loving the leader is her game. Jindallae Safarini was born in Pyongyang, has been making a few appearances in footage from the KCNA (North Korea’s official broadcasting system) this week, and is Palestine’s most prominent ideologically pro-North Korean figure.

Donning a twin Kim Jong Il/Kim Il Sung loyalty badge, the [actual] daughter of former Palestinian ambassador to Pyongyang Mustafa Safarini had reportedly returned to Pyongyang to make final arrangements for her “Jindallae Fund”, a foundation to help North Korean children she is said to have set up as a thank you gift for Kim Jong Il to “repay him for all his love and affection”.


Safarini’s relationship with North Korea goes way back. Her parents had reportedly not been able to have children during their ten-year stay in Pyongyang from 1982-1992. Upon hearing this, Kim Jong Il apparently assigned fertility experts to the couple and, following successful treatment, suggested they name her “Jindallae”, after the Korean rendering of “Alezlea”, an eye-catchingly pink flowering shrub, not too dissimilar from the Kimilsungia flower, named after Kim Il Sung by the first president of Indonesia.

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Jindallae does it Juche style

Her close relationship with the North Korean leadership earned her the nickname the ‘Flower of [North] Korea’ or ‘Daughter of [North] Korea’. Safarini has also made several appearances on North Korean television, including in a recent documentary this year where she described her complicated childbirth, saying:

More than 27 years ago my parents lost a child, after the loss of a child they could not be pregnant, and could not have children, they went to so many places but could not find a cure, so they came to Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, where they gave all their love and care to my Mother. That’s how she conceived a child. After having me, my parents were so happy and it was the system of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, the system of our Great Leader Kim Il Sung and Dear Leader Kim Jong Il that gave us this miracle.


Other than her trip to Pyongyang this week, she was more recently spotted during the April 15th celebrations (ie Kim Il Sung’s birthday) last year, where she apparently caught a rare glimpse of Kim Jong Un:

When I first saw him, it was during the unveiling of the bronze statue of our Great Leader [Kim Il Sung] and our Dear Leader [Kim Jong Il] on the 100th birthday of our Great Leader. When he walked past, and waved to everybody, I felt this very deep emotion since he looked so alike with his father, our Dear Leader Father Kim Jong Il.


Safara’ini’s father, Mustafa, with Yasser Arafat

According to Chinese sources, Safarini lives in Beijing where she works at the No. 3 Hospital and runs her fund with her Father. More images of the first Pyongyang Palestinian’s life in North Korea are below but, meanwhile, here’s some footage from her most recent trip to Pyongyang:

And here’s a documentary of Jindallae’s life story that aired on North Korean television:

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