Jindallae: Kim Jong Il’s Palestinian Foster Daughter

Did you know that Kim Jong Il had a Palestinian foster daughter, aka the 'Flower of North Korea'?
December 3rd, 2012


Pyongyang is my native place and I spent my childhood there. And it is my second fatherland. Kim Jong Il is my father because he gave me life and love. I express my deepest grief over the demise of my dearest father. Some days ago, I visited Pyongyang, my native place, with a dream to

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About the Author

James Pearson

James Pearson (@pearswick) was the NK News Seoul Correspondent.

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  • Jackie Cedrics

    It appears her mother is/was Asian. It would e interesting to know if she were North Korean, although I think this is very unlikely, given the emphasis the regime places on the purity of Korean blood

    • http://www.koreabang.com/ James Pearson

      Her mother, Jasmine (see photos), is also Palestinian –- not North Korean.

      • Neville Bartos

        But look at her! She has to be half Korean… hence the “miracle” fertility work.

  • NewFocusINTL

    Another bit of fun info: on Sep 26th, she made a public appearance in Beijing as Kim’s ‘foster daughter’ to ask Chinese companies for support for her fund.

  • NewFocusINTL

    Additional tidbits: she attended the ’70th birthday of Kim Jong-il’ in Feb as the foster daughter of Kim and was the guest of honour at ‘Kim Il-sung’s 100th birthday celebrations’

  • siennapc

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Thank you!