North Korea Launches Rocket, Satellite Successfully ‘in Orbit’

North Korea launched its long-range rocket at 1000KST this morning and reports confirm that it has successfully put a satellite into orbit.
December 12th, 2012

Update (1400 EST): Reactions to the rocket continue to emerge. Donald Kirk wrote for the South China Morning Post that he believes the rocket was necessary for Kim Jong Un to overcome any potential power struggles. Furthermore, Kirk writes that North Korea is deperate for engagement, and this is a good chance for dialogue and

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About the Author

James Pearson

James Pearson (@pearswick) was the NK News Seoul Correspondent.

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  • Mark Tesch

    Strange to say that Japan’s decision not to intercept the rocket was a wise decision. In the first place, this was a surprise launch so I doubt Japan would have been ready to intercept at all.

    • Tomás E. Ríos López

      Japan cannot recognize that it doesn’t capacity to intercept a rocket launched from north korea

  • 盖罗杰 강로저

    Thanks for all the info and updates.
    re Hague condemning launch –
    We protest in the strongest terms, ahem, but only during business hours. No wonder DPRK doesn’t really care. I know there aren’t many more measures short of going kinetic, but at least wake the guy up to show we’re upset. “Foreign Secretary William Hague said the British government strongly condemns the launch, and “will be summoning the DPRK Ambassador to the UK to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office”.

  • dave

    wow, how many failures did south Korea have.. north Korea BAM! into space..
    kind of embarrassing for the SOuth really..

  • $30288502

    Congratulation North Korea for the pass of Rocket launch !

  • jhay

    all i can say is Congratulations! :)

  • J. Chennault

    Oh, great.
    I try to avoid fearmongering when I can, but being in Seattle, I’ve realized that we are likely first on the list should NK attempt to nuke the U.S. Let’s hope that NORAD would pay attention for a change and take out the missile.
    On a lighter note, I predict the Seattle area economy to explode now, as everyone will be rushing to get their seafood, Xboxs, and Airliners before it all goes up in a mushroom cloud.