NK News Unveils NK Leadership Tracker

Our new data visualization tool uses raw data to offer unprecedented insights into regime movements inside North Korea.
November 1st, 2012

NK NEWS is proud to announce and unveil the new NK Leadership Tracker, a unique data visualization platform that offers unprecedented insights into the movements and activities taking place within the upper echelons of the North Korea regime.

Alongside our brightly styled and streamlined new website re-design, the NK Leadership Tracker is to be the first of a whole host of new initiatives we have planned for the near future at NK NEWS, as part of our mission to completely re-invent the way the world thinks about North Korea.

The NK Leadership Tracker, jointly sponsored by NK NEWS and the Korea Economic Institute of America, is the first resource of its kind anywhere in the world to translate raw data and statistics into an accessible format, so that anybody with an interest may explore data related to political activity inside North Korea.

Boris Bakhalov, Senior Tableau Developer, and Kevin J Conroy, security consultant worked closely with NK NEWS’s Luke Herman to develop the platform in a manner that greatly facilitates interaction and understanding for users of a wide range of experience levels. With these new tools, visitors may download either individual slices of data, complete worksheets, or even full visualization workbooks. For those bloggers and journalists offering their own analysis, the NK Leadership Tracker visualization can even be embedded on other websites at the press of a button.

Whilst our team has been playing around with the NK Leadership Tracker in the run up to its release, Luke Herman identified several major findings related to Kim Jong Un’s succession compared to that of his father, Kim Jong Il.  Read up on his groundbreaking analysis at the tracker page, here.

In the mean time, you can find out about the regime and its movements for yourself by visiting the Leadership Tracker here.

- Leadership Tracker Succession Revelations: Like Father, Not Like Son

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