Kim Jong-un Brings Dolphins to Pyongyang

August 10th, 2012

Last week pictures emerged of Kim Jong-un and his wife visiting the newly opened Runga Theme Park in Pyongyang.  But not only does the new facility feature a selection of thrilling new rides and waterpark attractions, new pictures released today by North Korean state media show how it also sports a dolphinarium featuring several highly trained and mature salt-water dolphins.

With international sanctions meant to prevent the import of luxury goods to the DPRK,  it is noteworthy that Pyongyang managed to import the dolphins into the country unnoticed.  But why?  Not one to be outdone by South Korea, it is possible that Pyongyang was inspired by South Korea’s recent import of three endangered Antartic Belluga Wales to their Yeosu aqarium, held there to showcase the “Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast”.

Not only that, but North Korea has also routed salt water to the facility from Nampho, a city about an hour and a half’s drive away on the west coast of North Korea.  North Korean media previously reported that the salt water supply would allegedly help the emotional life of the people of the DPRK:

The completion of the project makes it possible to bring great benefit to the country by disinfecting water by seawater and satisfactorily supply seawater to the Pyongyang Dolphin Aquarium and the Aquarium in the Central Zoo and thus contribute to the cultural and emotional life of the people.

It is unclear yet if the new facility would be open to foreigners touring the country.

ARTICLE: What toys do North Korean children play with?  Juche Lego, of course!

The comprehensive Rungna Wading Pool also includes a mini-golf course, water slide, beach volleyball, basketball and volleyball courts.  In recent days pictures have emerged of North Koreans enjoying the new water park facility in the summer heat, while just two weeks ago UK Diplomat Barnaby Jones was spotted riding a roller-coaster with none other than Kim Jong-un.

This video released in winter shows the toil that was underwent to build the dolphin aquarium in record time.


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