Famine & Unification: The Case of Ireland and North Korea

June 19th, 2012

Marcus Noland’s recent comparison of the famines in Ireland in the 1840s and North Korea in the 1990s is spot-on — but perhaps not in the way he intended.  In that post he pointed out…

“The Irish Potato famine of the 1840s is one of history’s best remembered.  One of the odd things about the

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  • Barry Nolan

    This article is full of historically incorrect pieces: The UK wasn’t forced out of Ireland in 1922. A Treaty was signed where the 6 counties which represent Northern Ireland were kept as part of the UK and the rest of the country was now referred to as a Free State. We had our own Government but our foreign policy decision were made from Westminster. The Republic of Ireland was formed in 1949. Between 1922 and 1949, we were still under the umbrella of British rule. In 1932, Eamon De Valera was leader of Fianna Fáil. Not leader of the IRA. This honour goes to Maurice Twomey. Fianna Fáil was formed in 1926.
    I enjoy the content on NKNEWS and also enjoy reading pieces on the comparison between Ireland and North Korea but please, Paul, do your homework. This was an embarrassing read for me.