World Food Programme says sharp cuts in N. Korean food aid coming

Shortage of international aid means fewer meals for children and nursing mothers
June 20th, 2014

The UN World Food Programme has suspended food aid to North Korea starting from this month due to a lack of funds from the international community, Radio Free Asia reported on Thursday.

With the initial goal of reaching 2.4 million people, the WFP estimate that about 1.8 million North Koreans will now receive aid.

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Joanna Hong

IMG_0786Joanna Hong holds a BA in European Studies and Italian at Pitzer College in California. Currently a candidate for a Master's in Human Rights at UCL (UK), she focuses her research on human rights and gender issues in North Korea. Joanna is also an intern for NK News.

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  • Christian Fredrickson

    The article should be amended: instead of “for children and nursing mothers”, it should read “for children and nursing mothers in the families of cadre members, exclusively within Pyongyang city limits”. The government redirects all foreign aid to its elite members, relabeled as “spoils of war” and used to reward loyalty, and is entirely comfortable with allowing the rest of the nation to starve. Any food that’s shipped in as part of humanitarian assistance means less rice Pyongyang needs to purchase from China. The UN’s obliviousness to these conditions should come as no surprise to anyone.

    • Warren Lauzon

      Probably a lot of truth to that. From what I have read in various places, Pyongyang has to a large extent written off some areas of the country. That may in the end turn out to be a big mistake, but only time will tell.

  • Warren Lauzon

    And you can add to that the fact that there is probably an 80% certainty that North Korea will have another massive famine this winter due to a combination of bad weather, failed policies, flooding due to massive deforestation, and general corruption. I would expect a flood of refugees heading for China in another 3 to 5 months.