Interview: Thousands of North Korea Juche supporters exist in Nigeria

Secretary General of Nigerian-DPRK Friendship Association talks to NK News about Juche, KCNA's racist comments, human rights
June 17th, 2014

Thousands of supporters of North Korea’s Juche philosophy exist in Nigeria, Dr Alhassan Mamman Muhammed, Chairman of the Nigerian committee for the study of the Juche idea, has told NK News.

Speaking on Nigeria – DPRK cooperation in an extended interview, Muhammed said that there are approximately 2000 to 2500 registered members of Nigeria’s

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About the Author

Leo Byrne

Leo Byrne is an NK News contributor based in London

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  • Warren Lauzon

    It is sad to see just how far the brainwashing has spread.

    • CC

      North korean style helps create a powerful government and a prosperous nation
      North korea was WAAY ahead of south korea during the cold war
      It was the fall of USSR that caused NK to close themselves for the world

      • Warren Lauzon

        Are you serious? In 1960 North Korea was ahead. In 1970 they were even. In 2014 South Korea is 42 times as prosperous as North Korea. The ENTIRE idea of Juche is “self sufficiency”, if Juche works so well, then why did the Soviet collapse hurt North Korea so much?

        • CC

          Then answer why North korea still exists and have a large army and even able too build tanks,ships and even cruise missiles with all those sanctions????

          • Warren Lauzon

            They still exist, but just barely. And the fact is, they can barely even feed that huge army – there are many stories of soldiers raiding local farms for food, and even of stealing oxen to eat or sell. The tanks, ships, and missile they build are 40 to 60 years out of date, and many lack spare parts to keep them running.

          • Sick of idiots

            They exists because China wants them to exists you fool

          • CC

            Your name pretty much describes you very well you


            North Korea is not desperate as many people think it is

      • Sick of idiots

        “A powerful government” are you joking! Yes they can cause some damage to South Korea ( the only legitimate government on the Korean peninsula ) but with in a few weeks north korean pathetic outdated weapons be rendered useless. What’s the point of a million man army if you can’t feed them

  • saveourmoney

    Between shills like the good Doctor in the interview, terrorist organizations like Boko Haram, President Goodluck Jonathan, and the fine Nigerian military – I would say that Nigeria is pretty much screwed for the next generation or two.

    When I was an undergraduate in the late 1980′s, Nigeria was an important emerging economy; the Nigerian students whom I met were proud and dignified people with unlimited potential. And now here we are. Goodluck Jonathan is profoundly corrupt and incompetent, Boko Haram controls significant swaths of the nation, and they’re playing patty cake the Kim’s and Juche “ideology”.

    What an amusing, but sad, interview to read. My heart aches for the Nigerian and North Korean families whose futures have been rendered worthless because of the corruption of their leaders and the bankruptcy of their “ideologies”.

  • Xavier

    The level of self-delusion in North Korea sympathizers is simply mind-boggling. How can someone say without laughing “Those accusing North Korea of violating rights, do not have a better record than North Korea. “? I wonder where and in what field he got his Phd…


      He might have gotten from an online program called “Cereal Box University”.

      I bet the policy from North Korea to allow specific people to specific places only is working well with this guy…or maybe he didn’t want to see the truth and never asked to visit small cities and towns where people are not in the best shape…..

    • A Thought

      I’m more inclined towards the Western Shills. You know, the sort who spend a lot of time commenting on RT? It’s the attitude that North Korea holds some sort of significant power that gets me giggling. Comments like “When are Russia, China and North Korea going to finally destroy America!?” I always think, wow there, pal, Russia and China? I get how you think they can give America a fight, but North Korea? If WWIII occurs, I suspect it’s going to be a matter of weeks, maybe a few months at most, before North Korean soldiers become the official Canon Fodder of that side.

      And yet, western shills keep pretending that they are some sort of Great Power (If not the greatest) and Kim Jong Un has America shaking in it’s boots because he can get armies of soldiers with outdated equipment to march in long lines.

      In short, it always amazes me when I see outsiders towing the “North Korea is strongest nation in the world.” line.

      • Warren Lauzon

        I have never seen anyone that knew anything at all about the region say anything like “When are Russia, China and North Korea going to finally destroy America!?”. Anyone that thinks that probably also thinks that Vietnam and China are friends.


    The DPRK’s soft power!!!