President Obama a “wicked black monkey” – North Korean state media

Korean-only article published by North Korean state media outlet contains highly racist language
May 8th, 2014

North Korean state media called President Obama a “wicked black monkey” and South Korean President Park Geun-hye an “old prostitute” in a duo of articles and highly inflammatory commentaries published last Friday.

The condemnations, which included unprecedented levels of extremely racist and offensive rhetoric, were published following a speech made by President Obama during a

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About the Author

Chad O'Carroll

Chad O'Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.

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  • slacker9

    Sounds like Tea Party rhetoric to me! Shows every society has its racist crazies.

    • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

      Yeah, it’s being mean to black monkeys to compare them to Obongo.

    • Johnny Walker

      Ugly, but arguably accurate.

      • slacker9

        The only people making that argument would be traitorous Tea Partiers who hate America. This is insulting to all Americans, particularly to African Americans. But you don’t care, you would rather agree with the racist Korean dictator who has vowed to nuke America.

  • GuamTippedOver

    What a disgusting insult to all the black monkeys out there to be compared to our America hating president. .

    • lachoc

      GuamTippedOver – your comment is obviously pure fantasy. This however is FACT:
      You’re a provincial mentally diminutive redneck! Read, educate yourself…travel — cultivate that sad brain of yours.

      • Mike Smith

        Yup, in TYPICAL democraap/liberal fashion, IMMEDIATELY assault your opponents character. Why don’t you go back to school and study psychology, so you can truly understand your degree of insanity. Oh yeah, keep backing up the people stealing your freedoms….sheeple.

        • Xavier

          I keep hearing how the president apparently “steals our freedom” without ever hearing how or what he steals (and please, don’t bring me any crap about Obamacare being anti-freedom). Haven’t Republicans been saying for years now that Obama was coming for their guns? Sure has occurred, eh..

      • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

        I’d agree with guam on this one… get out of the libtard barrel, pinko.

    • Robert Slack

      Ah, the teabagging bottom feeders are right on top of this story

      • Plymouth Duster

        And your mama is right on top of Dick’s.

    • Xavier

      And how is it that your president hates your country?

    • slacker9

      You must hate America, traitor. In your hatred for Black Americans, you ally yourself with the Korean dictator who has vowed to nuke America. What a disgusting coward you are!

    • Kahlil Stultz

      What that about the tea party not being “racist”?

  • Dr. J

    The connections to Republicans and the North Korean government never stop. The North Koreans must have hired Rush Limbaugh to work for them. This seems like his level of discourse.

  • danieleran

    Pretty much identical to Fox News in the U.S.

    • NaegaJeilJalNaga

      LOL, it’s Daniel Eran Dilger (aka “Corrections”) from “Apple Insider”, a unemployed, forty year old, “professional” fanboi-blogger and hater of Samsung/Google/South Korea.
      One of the most hilariously stupid Dilger-hit-pieces, is the one entitled “Google appears ready to ditch Android over its intellectual property issues” (from July 2013)

      • idi u kurac

        but you’re a fat 2NE1 fan

        • NaegaJeilJalNaga

          LOL, what makes you think I’m fat?

    • North Korea is immature

      Boring – I don’t want to read about petty internal US spats.

      Back on track: It’s amazing how North Korean statements are often so vitriolic, so undiplomatic and immature. Don’t they realise that other countries don’t do this? I can’t think of any other nation being so abusive in their press releases, and I’m not just talking about this recent racial one.

      The North Koreans really are childish people. All I can think is that their worldview has a strong petulant tone.

    • Plymouth Duster

      How would you know? You’re glued to PMSNBC.

  • Paul

    There desperation for attention has hit a new low, what a child.

  • jasperpepper

    Any news as to how the President is reacting to this insult?

    Has Obama gone into meltdown at this pre-emptive strike?

    Has he summoned his advisers and ordered a retaliatory insult be devised?

    Or maybe he has just shrugged his shoulders and treated it like water off a duck’s back.

    Note. I am in no way inferring the President is a duck, has duck like characteristics or the ancestry of a duck, or any other form of duckism.

    • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

      He probably angrily tweeted them about how Kim Jong Un is a midget with a pancake-face, before realizing they only accept faxes.

  • Nicolas Hochard

    Article like that make me enjoy playing more Mr President on android. Funny game with great graphics portraying world leader “making war”. Give it a try, it’s free also.

    • Nicolas Hochard

      Kim will be happy to discover this game :D

  • Ditto81

    Its going to be a rather awkward next meeting with his friend Dennis Rodman. Very awkward.

    • “That politics”

      Rodman don’t read the news mayne.

  • WhiteRabbit

    Nobody is saying Asians will ever be a minority in Asia
    Nobody is saying Africans will ever be a minority in Africa
    So why are they saying White people will be a minority in EVERY White country in 2040?
    That’s because “anti-racists” only enforce Diversity in White countries
    Because “anti-racists” want a world without White children
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White
    Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide?

    • Lizzylizzard

      Because dark skin is dominant.

  • Prism

    I am almost starting to like North Korea, at least they won’t be a dog to the jewish elite that place people with jewish genes in power in other countries to gain global control.

    See former South korean president Lee Myung-bak for example. This is the reason North Korea made a picture of him showing his big crooked jewish nose. And for you U.S citizens, stop swallowing all the propaganda your country feeds you, the rest of the world is disgusted by it.

  • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

    At least some people aren’t afraid to speak the truth.

  • Ahnenerbe

    NK is right, they are not effected by a egalitarian jew media and anti-Nature jewsus hoax. He’s a subhuman mongrel

  • Frank Mc Carthy

    He is more than that….Barack Obama is a 666 Devil Black Monkey.

    Born 4th August 1961 = 216th date of year 216 = 6x6x6.

  • Malinky

    And the outlook of this Leader square head in North Korea looks like a misunderstood knot with a brain belonging to an amoeba

  • Simian Jauzz

    That statement doesn’t carry the same meaning in Korean culture, monkeys are generally considered to be a symbol of good luck.

    • Guest

      Which is why he said ‘Wicked’

      • Simian Jauzz

        Wicked? The word ‘wicked’ can be taken many ways,…like: ‘wicked cool’. Stop being so touchy,..if you always go around looking to be offended – you won’t be disappointed often.

  • Leo Emmanuel Lochard

    LET COOL HEADS PREVAIL: Foreign policy and
    international relations cannot proceed from either personal anger or national
    revenge pursuant to simple contemptuous speech or verbal utterances considered
    as “insults.” In past human history during the days of “chivalry,”
    wars started after mere verbal insults were exchanged between the two warring
    parties and innocent people lost their lives and property out of mere prideful
    reactions from their “noble leaders.” It is in that manner that one
    of our Founders, Alexander Hamilton, lost his life in a duel with Aaron Burr.
    Thus, as expressed here already by some commenters, we should pity this North
    Korean citizen who is being exploited by his own fascist government for
    purposes inimical to his own general welfare. These people truly need help!
    Foreign policy and international relations must proceed from well-known facts
    pertaining to destructive actions and not words from our supposed
    “enemies.” We enjoy freedom of speech here in America as a
    blessing from our Creator; and regrettably, not all speech is edifying to our
    well-being or flattering to our ego. So be it. Liberty must prevail and freedom must
    prosper! That’s the way it is with imperfect sinners and error-prone creatures
    like us human beings. Hence, our reliance upon the Holy Bible with the words of
    Christ as our guide for justice, lawfulness, peace and sound-minded works of
    righteousness: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you and
    spitefully use you and say all kinds of evil things about you because of your
    righteous works, for great is your reward in Heaven. Don’t sinners and wicked
    workers of iniquity also exchange good greetings with each other? Therefore
    come out from amongst them and be thou perfect as your Father in Heaven is
    perfect! In short, we’re better than this! We must hold on to our moral
    maturity and to our God-ordained heritage of freedom. Let us hold our peace and
    act with dignity and respect, and do the truth in love, by not stooping down to
    their level! Otherwise, we would not demonstrate any difference in character
    and integrity. Nor would we provide any exemplary incentives for the world to
    keep Hope alive that indeed by the grace of God, we can make this world a
    better place to live. God bless you. God bless the United States of America.

    • jackson

      wow! you should be a writer….or a preacher !! that was a pretty awesome comment you wrote !! Oh and God bless you Leo !!!

    • TRUE111

      Good Word Leo. But here’s the thing… we have a leader who is anti-Christ and who is systematically dismantling the American way. He and his administration, just like the one before him, is destroying this country and the values for which it stands. Do you really see liberty prevailing and freedom prospering?

  • Tallgrass Palms

    “A monkey with a red bum”…….who knew it was red?

  • Capt_Twang

    obama should visit North Korea and make friends with him,..if Dennis Rodman can be a goodwill ambassador,..then obama should be able to do it as well. It just may turn out that this was all a misunderstanding or just a bad translation.

  • Plymouth Duster

    Fact is Asians hate Negroids even more than Caucasians do.

  • cojonius

    even a blind pig occassionally finds a truffle

  • Smeegle

    When did north Korea stat to look at people’s bums? How did he know it was RED?!

  • guest

    what difference does it make what another country calls him?!I sure bring myself to their the old saying goes …. sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt some point some of us grow up and some never do.

  • Irv Spielberg

    Harvey Milk Stamped “Out” Forever !

    The Obama Cabal is
    behind universal GAYety with a “forever” postage stamp glorifying
    Harvey Milk, a Jewish homosexual predator “attracted to boys aged
    15-19,” according to WikiAnswers! (Also see Wikipedia.)
    Global gaydom was even predicted by Jesus (see “days of Lot” in Luke 17 and compare with Genesis 19).

    And the Hebrew prophet Zechariah (14th chapter) says that during the
    same end-time gay “days” ALL nations will come against Israel and
    fulfill the “days of Noah” at the same time (see Luke 17 again) – a
    short time of anti-Jewish genocide found in Zechariah 13:8 when
    two-thirds of all Jews will die.
    In other words, when “gay days” have become universal, all hell will break loose!

    Shockingly, the same “days” will trigger the “end of days” – and when
    they begin, worldwide human government will quickly wind down in just a
    few short years! For the first time in history there won’t be enough
    time for anyone to even attend college, let alone have a family, save
    money, enjoy retirement, etc.
    One final thought. The more we see gays “coming out,” the sooner Jesus will be “coming down”!

    For more, Google or Yahoo “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “Jesus Never
    Mentioned Homosexuality. When gays have birthdays…,” “FOR GAYS ONLY:
    Jesus Predicted…,” “USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans!” and “The
    Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”

  • keyrockunfrozencavemanlawyer

    robert slack when you’re done humping your masters leg please clean up the mess you left in the basement

  • John

    I dont want to sound racist but Kim Jong looks like a monkey now i think about it. I mean look at the guy’s face, he looks like a little monkey.

  • Irv Spielberg

    USA Now Headless !

    Obama seems to think we’re on the
    cutting edge of history. Does he have in mind the predicted beheadings
    (Rev. 20:4) that are increasing? Obama may feel he’d never be targeted
    by ISIS. But isn’t he afraid they’ll soon conclude he doesn’t have a
    good head on his shoulders?