North Korea offer condolences to South for Sewol Ferry disaster

North Korean message of condolence comes after criticism of South Korea's initial response
April 23rd, 2014

North Korea on Wednesday offered condolences to South Korea for the April 16 Sewol ferry sinking, South’s Ministry of Unification (MOU) said.

The Red Cross Society of North Korea sent a message to its southern counterpart offering commiserations for the sinking, which is now the largest maritime disaster in South Korea’s history.

A message was

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About the Author

Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is an NK News contributor and has previously worked at The Korea Herald and for the Australia Centre for Independent Journalism in Sydney.

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  • Frank Feinśtein

    KCNA just chimed in on this “Sympathy to S. Korean Red Cross”

  • Henry

    Hamish Macdonald, that’s some mustache. Have you considered a career in porn?

    • Jim

      That mustache definitely says “I’ve been nude on camera. What of it?”

  • savage nigga


  • Dan

    It is nice they offered condolences, but how can they criticize when they chose to hold on to stubbornness and not offer to help with the response themselves?

    • hi

      Doubt S Korea would’ve accepted anyways; even Japan Coast Guard and US helicopter were rejected by the SK Navy.

      • Dan

        Interesting. I wonder why, although now it is too late to matter.

  • James Warden

    How come all these reporters cant do research and only cut and paste? The coast guard rejected everyone because they had a contract with a private company. This means the company can send the bill to the government at an exorbant amount.

  • James Warden

    It wasnt North Korea.. it was the red cross in north korea. Are you saying north korea is run by tge red cross?