Michael Malice: Kim Jong Il’s unofficial ghostwriter

Despite humor, book on North Korean absurdities has a serious message
February 11th, 2014

If some of the stories that the North Koreans told their people about Kim Jong Il’s life are true, Michael Malice jokes that everyone in the country would have to be “high-functioning learning disabled.”

He points to a story he read from 1982, when the Dear Leader was presiding over the construction of the Tower

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About the Author

Oliver Hotham

Oliver Hotham is an NK News contributor based in London. He has previously worked at the Sunday Times and politics.co.uk.

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  • deltoid

    “They don’t identify as communist anymore,” he said. “One of the things I
    bring up in the book is that they are much closer to fascism, with
    regard to the xenophobia, extreme racism, the ultra-nationalism and the
    racial purity.” – please – once and for all – give it its right name. You got all the ingredients, yet you refuse to name it: It´s Nationalsocialism. One might abhorr this idea, but it is the second Nazi-State in history.

    • http://blog.jinbo.net/CINA/ christian karl

      Right! This is also the reason why (for example)German neo-nazis visited NK for several times!!

    • Mark

      the Nazis didn’t kill Germans, they killed everyone else. north Korean (regime) kills their own.

      of course a liberal will never say that the far left is as atrocious as the far right

      • http://blog.jinbo.net/CINA/ christian karl

        The first victims of the NS dictatorship were GERMANS!! Only one month after Hitler/NSDAP took over the power tens of thousands of communists, socialdemocrats, labour union activists, progressive christians and a short while later jews, sinti&roma etc. were imprisoned, tortured and killed! The first concentration camp(KZ) was established 1934… And until the beginning of WWII only GERMANS were the inmates!!

    • Mark

      No it is not a nazi state. Just like the right wing extremists, the left ing extremists will kill en masse those they dislike.
      The Far Left allways get’s downplayed and it’s all part of subversion will lefties.

      Just like in the USSR where there where gulags and millions died (more than in the reich)

  • Beijing China

    ”xenophobia, extreme racism, the ultra-nationalism and the racial purity.”
    I agree, at this point it’s in their DNA. Not much you can do about it.