How North Koreans ads in western newspapers backfired

Designed mainly for domestic reasons, over-the-top ads were derided even by allies
September 27th, 2013

On October 8, 1985 The New York Times ran a full-page advertisement with the headline, “Korea Has Given Birth To One More Great Hero.” The ad featured a book “authored” by the “hero” Kim Jong Il (who was actually born in 1941, not the 1980s). Strange as it may sound today, North Korean ads such

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Benjamin R. Young

Ben has a master's degree in history from The College at Brockport, State University of New York. His master's thesis investigated the alliance formed between the Black Panther Party and the North Korean leadership from 1969-1971. Currently, he is applying to PhD programs in the United States. His main interests are Cold War history, Marxism in the Third World, the history of Communism, the radical 1960s, and the Black Power movement. He can be reached at

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