White Power and apocalyptic cults: Pro-DPRK Americans revealed

American homegrown terrorist groups are the chosen favorites of Pyongyang
May 6th, 2013

WASHINGTON D.C. – In September 2003, John Paul Cupp, the 22 year old son of a fundamentalist Christian preacher from Indiana, received a message from the government of North Korea.

“Upon the authorization of the Central Committee” it read, Pyongyang “extends militant greetings to you who extend warm support and solidarity to the Songun policy

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About the Author

Nate Thayer

Nate Thayer is an award winning investigative journalist with 25 years of experience in Asia, specializing in conflict, intelligence, security, transnational crime. He has a noted expertise on Cambodia and a current focus on North Korea.

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  • Lee McKinnis

    Juche as an ideology is itself pretty lacking honestly. The description of Juche is shorter in the official DPRK handbook than the article on some of the “Leaders”

  • Kevin_OKeeffe

    Its not illegal to advocate, in principle, the overthrow of the U.S. government. That is Constitutionally-protected speech under the First Amendment. The Federal government presumably concluded that these people had taken no real action towards advancing that goal, hence they were not arrested.

  • anon
  • Ben

    Some white-Americans want their birthright back, and their homogeneous nation that they had until 1965 when the jews opened their borders….The nerve. Of course, they look up to North Korea, it really is the best Korea. South Korea is a U.S./jewish puppet. What’s evil about North Korea? Last I checked it is America that has more of its citizens locked up than any other country in the world. Your media, banks, courts, schools are all controlled by the jews. Your government will gas or electrocute you to death. You’re the evil people. The jews that control your media have brainwashed your low i.q. asses into thinking that North Korea is evil, for the simple fact that it is one of the few countries left in the world without a jew-run central bank. Just like they brainwashed you into believing that Adolf Hitler gassed six-million of them to death in the 1940s. There sure were a lot of miraculous survivors that went on to oppress Eastern Europe for the next five decades with their communism idea. Morons. When the white-man rises up, and he will….we’ll send people like you all to live with the remnants of the jews/blacks that you pretend to like so much.

  • Ben

    The little bald-headed punk that wrote the article. Biting your lip like that in your photo does not make you look intelligent or sexy. Good try though. If you’re such a great investigative journalist, why don’t you tell the truth about the holohoax? You’re just too brave and p.c. to do that, huh? Bald-headed little fag.